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Pacific LX or Tama Starclassic Perfomer

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  • Pacific LX or Tama Starclassic Perfomer

    Narrowing it Down
    IM trying to make a decision on A. Pacific LX maple Kit Natural finish or a Tama Starclassic Performer Birch Kit Amber. Both are in the same price range the Pacific comes with Hardware. The Tama comes as a shell 4 piece with tom racks only No snare. I played both Kits and they both are solid Kits nice features IM leaning towards the Pacific Kit at this point it just seems to be alittle warmer in sound. Both Solid But I know the history of the Performer Kit it just seems more overtones heard on the Birch Tama Kit. Tuning was addressed on the Tama. Both kits are new. Help me out guys need your input.

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    If you hear any differences between the 2 kits (the Tama has more overtones, you say) then you will have to consider yourself which is best. Pure personal preference

    Realize that the Japanese maple from the Pacific can't be compared with the maple that DW uses for their top line kits. But since you already listened to both kits I guess you don't close your ears and only read the specs. Do you?

    BTW: I just read in a German magazine that the Pacific had its snare strainer mounted to low as a result of which you can't realy play with the snares off. But perhaps it was a monday morning misfit

    You need to buy a snare drum with the Tama and good snare drums aren't cheap.

    Go with the Tama

    The DW Pacific is a new brand and DW before discontinued a budget series line of drums, so the Tama is of more value for the longer time.

    Hurray, I just made a decision


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        I read DW just moved the Pacific plant to Mexico a few hours away from their current plant. Thought they still were in Taiwan hence the link with Japanese maple

        Anyway: take the best kit and happy new year


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          I have the Tama Starclassics Performers -http:www.angelfire.com/ky/boomerbrown - And they are excellent drums.
          HOWEVER, the inherent tonal qualities between maple and birch are quite different. Plus, the Tama's have die-cast hoops versus rolled steel hoops on the Pacifics. Another factor differentiaing their sound.
          I've never played the Pacifics, but I can't imagine that the two sets sound anything alike. That being the case, choose the set that best fits your personal preference and music. You'll be happier that way in the long run.
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            Dude - Tama.


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              I bought the Pearl Maple Session Customs a little over a year ago and have been really impressed with them. I triggered them exclusively using mesh heads up until about 2 months ago when I finally decided to unleash the full acoustic wrath. Killer, but only after replacing the stock heads. The stock heads just don't do them justice. I'm sure my wife and neighbors are ready for me to put the mesh heads back on.

              Anyway, real quality and bang for the buck in my opinion.


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                SWEET SWEET SWEET

                Thanks for the input guys. Couldn't have made a bad decision on any of the brands mentioned. I bought the Pacific kit. Set up and tuning was a breeze. Total cost was $1000 cant go wrong at that price. Band came over tuesday night for a rehearsal. All I can say is SWEET SWEET SWEET. I will give a full review after my gig this Saturday night.
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                  I see smoke

                  Flame me if you must

                  Now tell me why I made a bad choice and should have spent at least $1500 $2000 or even $3000 to $4000 on A DW Kit why I should have got caught up in alot of hipe why didnt I even look at Ludwig or even blink at pearl and why I didnt buy Neals Kit on Ebay thanks. I think I see smoke. Is there a Fire?
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                    Looks like 1000 bucks well spent to me!


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                      I would have gone with the Tama, but it looks like a really nice kit. Enjoy!


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                        Hi again All

                        Cjude Your right on when it comes to Tama Maple Kits. I have played $6000 Birch kits in the Past and they are so ringy but some guys like that. The maple kits are just warm and solid with punch I played a Tama kit this past summer at a gig (Heres a photo) It was a maple kit.( Hence the reason I looked into the Tama line) I think a Neal clone or something it was huge. Three bands we were 2nd up I got there 1 hour before the show and the drummer in the 1st band said I could use his kit to save set up and brake down time. "Hate that sometimes" they had already done a sound check. The Tama Kit kicked Major A$$ or was it the Drummer Na it was the drums. Anyway again will give a review on the Pacific kit sometime this week. Tonights Gig went well with them. Thanks again Guys
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                          My how it has grown in just 3 months LOL

                          Havent been back in awhile been working and playing in the Band
                          funny thing is I do miss the V-drums volume control knob and the different settings for different kits. To be real honest with you I really dont need them anymore This Pacific set is one Killer set best set I have owned. You cant get this set anymore from what I understand. The only problem has been the Tom rack holder you cant bring the drums closer to you only tilt and up and down other than that I love them already on my 2nd snare head. Again if it wasnt for the Vdrums getting me reinspired to play again dont know if I would be playing today. Matter of fact its starting to be work again you all know how it is in the band working with five different people must I say anymore. You all have to stay on the same page and most of all be friends to make it work. Hope everybody is well Thanks Doug.
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