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  • New Weckl

    I just purchased Weckl's Perpetual Motion. I wish Dave would expand his tastes and try another style. For a guy with so much talent, wouldn't you think he would get tired of Elevator Jazz? I love his drumming, but damn, it's the same thing every freakin time! I know I shouldnt be critical of personal tastes, but there is so much out there. I'd like to see dave in a prog/rock band. That would be interesting

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    Weckl wears me out

    The guy is amazing, but we've heard it all before. I don't listen to music just to hear the drummer's chops, I want the whole thing. Weckl has an enormous toolbox of stuff, but he likes to use as many as possible as often as possible, and sometimes - JMHO - it gets in the way of the arrangement.

    Just a matter of preference, I guess. Sometimes less is more.

    Flame me if you must ... it's just my opinion.



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      Ditto from another old guy ....

      I got the water hose running


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        I totaly agree. Couldn't have said it better. I can't believe he doesnt see it this way too. I dont think I'll buy another one of his elavator music CD's. How much keyboard/saxaphone garbage can one take with dave over playing and showing off as usual. Can u tell I'm annoyed?
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          His official site, with MP3s of solos, etc.
          If anyone's interested.