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Where should I buy my drums?

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  • Where should I buy my drums?

    Since I will not be financially ready to build my custom electronic kit for awhile, I have decided to get an acoustic kit for now. It has been awhile since I have owned an acoustic kit, so I am not sure where to buy one from. The few music stores around here are out, as they have a HUGE markup on their kits.

    As this kit will probably only be around for a little while, and it will be used just for practice, it does not need to be a super high end kit. A "off brand" kit with "off brand" cymbals would be fine.

    I have seen some good deals from independent dealers on eBay and such, but I know little about their dependability, etc.

    Does anybody have any suggestions on good places to buy a kit? eBay or another dealer, maybe?
    I would prefer that they have a webpage, where I can view them. I would have to have it shipped of course. Price is important of course, but service is also. Some of the dealers on eBay have adequate products and they are cheap, but some of their feedback doesn't look so good.

    Any suggestions?

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    i usually buy through musicians friend or interstate because my music stores really don't carry what i want. they have pics on their websites too. http://www.musiciansfriend.com and http://www.interstatemusic.com (i think) are the websites. kinda cheaper too than the stores


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      Jim - do you have a specific name brand you are looking for?

      I carry Peace and Noble & Cooley. The NC studio kits are very nice and relatively affordable for a maple. They don't have die-cast hoops, but NC kits are beautifully built.

      Peace makes some affordable maple kits with different lacquer finishes, etc.

      I have a few of the kits on my website, but not all of them.

      Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you are interested.



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        Anther good one in addition to the ones listed above, is

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