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Suspending a bass drum... thoughts?

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  • Suspending a bass drum... thoughts?

    Hey folks. Had a crazy idea I wanted to share.

    I was looking at literature for the DrumFrame. One of the things I like best about it is the fact that your entire kit becomes one big piece. I'm trying to effect something similar, but without the bulk. Here's the idea:

    I take a bass drum(16x22) with a Yamaha tom mount, and some sort of connecting bar. I put the bar through the tom mount and connect it to a Gibraltar Heavy-Duty Rack clamp on my Gibraltar rack, with a few memory locks. I'd still have to drop the legs on the kick drum, but it would connect to the rack, putting a more cohesive feel to the kit, and with the memory locks, it would always set up in the same place.

    I have an old CB tom arm I'm thinking about using for the connector. Does anyone know offhand if that would work? If not, does anyone have alternatives?

    Thoughts? Problems? Am I completely nuts? Thanks.


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    Suspend the Kick...


    I can only say you're not nuts 'cause I did it myself. My old Yamaha acoustic kit eventually got too damned big for using stands (9-piece), so I got the old Pearl DR-100 (I think that was the name) square-tubed drum rack. Badass piece o' gear. That thing was wayyyy solid. I used to be able to transport my kit in 6 pieces:
    - rack (with toms & cymbals mounted)
    - 2 floor toms
    - snare w/stand
    - throne
    - kick, with double pedal

    After having rack mounted my hi-hat for some time & liking the idea, I reinstalled two old tom arms into the tom mounting hardware on top of the kick. Run the tubes straight up to the rack and into standard rack clamps, and I didn't even need the spurs!

    In reality, it didn't make my kit any easier to transport, and I ended up disconnecting the kick to move the kit around. What it really did for me was precisely standardize the placement of my kick vs. the placement of all of the other kit components, and prevent any of the dreaded "bass drum creep."

    To cut my ramble off, let me just say that it does work, but you might find that it is more trouble than it is worth.

    I don't know if your CB mounting arm & Yamaha mount are 7/8", 1", or what, so I can't say. One thing you could do that I never did is to find out what diameter tube you need for the Yammie mount, and go get a precise sized piece of good steel pipe at Home Depot pretty cheap. It would be stronger, and really cost-effective. Just a thought...

    Funny thing: After my kit continued to grow and grow over the first 15 to 20 years, it just keeps getting smaller and smaller nowadays. I'm either getting older, or just too lazy to lug all the crap around!
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      Do you find the acoustics are improved at all this way?
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        Ummmmm.... Duhhhh..... (me dumb!)

        To tell you the truth, I didn't really notice an acoustic difference, except that my cymbals & toms shook more when I hit the kick! With 2 mounting points, plus the pedal anchoring it, I don't think my method really did anything to increase resonance.

        Now, my isolation-mounted acoustic bass drum, which sits on 4 large soft rubber stoppers that allow the bass drum to resonate pretty much freely. Kinda kooky, but it seems to work okay. I don't have any scientific data to support this, since the drum was never drilled for legs or tom-mounting hardware, so I can't test other configurations. I just came up with this on a whim while designing my new custom kit, and decided to work it out.

        IMHO, I don't think there's a whole lot of acoustic benefit to be had from alternative bass drum mounting, especially since some level of muffling is almost always intentionally added to the drum. I may still yet drill & install legs on mine, just for convenience....


        Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.


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          For your information the mounting tube into the Yamaha Bassdrum is 7/8"

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            Ah. Much obliged.


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              Hey. A few further queries.

              When I suspend it, do I have to drop the legs? If I don't, will it damage the shell or the hardware from the motion of the drum against the hardware?


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                Well, I finally did it. I put the rack connector on my bass drum. I think the project was pretty successful. The only thing I'm worried about is unnecessary stress being put on the hardware. The last thing I want to do is put dings in my shell from the hardware.


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                  Would if I could, unfortunately I have yet to join the digital pictures crowd.


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                    One problem that always plagued me was the kick drum creeping forward. And like you, wanted to "standardize" the placement. So being rather inventive by nature, I came up with a very simple solution. The one part of my kit that's constant is me. Rather, the throne. All my weight's on it, so it's not going anywhere. I took a length of aircraft cable, fashioned it in a loop about 44" in circumference and joined the ends with a turnbuckle (available at any hardware store) for fine-tune adjustment. It looped around the undercarriage of my kick pedal and my throne, so the two were always the same distance apart. Since the throne didn't move, neither did my bass drum. Problem solved. I did the same between the throne and hi-hat. Few things are more annoying than having your gear move around during a gig.