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premier cabria

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  • premier cabria


    I'm thinking about buying an affordable acoustic drum kit, and had originally decided for a Pearl Export set.
    Now, I saw a kit kalled Pearl Cabria, and an extra 20" bass drum was quite affordable and fast to get for it (always wanted two bass drums instead of a double pedal). Here in Norway an extra bass drum for the Exports takes about 1/2 year to get (!!!).

    Anyways, how good is the Cabria set? Sound compared to the Export? (I'm into heavy/black metal on a hobby basis). Quality on the premier hardware?

    I'll probably be forced to buy 'em without hearing them if I go for the Cabria set.. (I like the sound of the exports...)

    dazed & confused (and with bad english)

    thanks for any replys!!


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    The cabria certainly is comparable with the Pearl Export.

    I am not sure about the hardware, though
    The Pearl hardware is almost unbeatable

    Another thing to consider is that when changing the set to a more professional one not many people want a Premier. Only a few fools like me. More people want a Pearl so you get more money for it.

    So: only when the offer is quite irresistable: do it.