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A pic of my dw's

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  • A pic of my dw's

    Finally I have a place to take a good pic of my dw's...at my store...

    Here is a pic:


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    I've always wanted to own a bike shop so I could have a cool bike, and a good place to work on it. I've always wanted a cabinet shop so I could build stuff. And now, I want a drum/music store so I can have cool instruments, and a place to set them up.

    I'm really jealous now.


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      ahhh...a bike store....
      actually i named the store "gear head" for a reason....
      so it can expand into:

      gear head cycles (i ride too)
      gear head paintball
      gear head hobbies (rc cars and aircraft)
      gear head......"the coolest store in the world"

      every one is a gear head....


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        Nice kit!

        Store looks good, kit looks good!

        I just get to play with computers all day!
        Kelly Mercer
        Halifax, Nova Scotia

        My Youtube Channel!

        My "home studio" webcam!


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          Is this the kit you bought pretty cheap on E-Bay? If it is you got a great deal.


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            thats the one....
            i had the rack and cymbals - but the shells were $900 for a 10, 12, 14, and 20 bass...they are approx. early 1990's - keller shells. the snare is a dixon maple piccolo - actually sounds good for a cheapee...i trigger it too though...
            it has been recovered with a topo-blue wrap...but it is holding up ok.... someday i will strip it and do a lacquer or oil finish....
            one of the dw logo badges is beat up pretty bad - i contacted dw about getting a new one... they will send one, but will not serialize it...kind of tight about that i guess.

            the pic is kinda crappy...i will have to get some better pics...