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    I guess I got spoiled by Vdrums and forgot just how much the environment can change the sound of an accustic set. I’ve kept my acoustic set at our practice area for a few months now and think the cymbals I have, especially the ride should terrible.
    After many visits to the local music store and noticing how the cymbals there sound so much better then mine I brought my ride in to trade. I realized quickly that my old ride sounded great in the music store. Like night and day. If given a gift certificate for a free cymbal and price was not object I would likely have walk out of the store with my ride. Got it back to the rehearsal space and again it sound like crap.
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    Good story. Another reason to love V-Drums.


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      I thought of converting my A to E’s but the thought of carrying around and acoustic set and huge PA to monitor them with is not a happy thought. So for the time being I will keep them as two separate sets. At least until I figure a way to mount speakers in the drum shells and get them to work without re-triggering issues. I dream of my Eons in the toms and a sub in the bass drum. :-)
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        Originally posted by cstoliker View Post
        So for the time being I will keep them as two separate sets.
        For what it's worth, I've really been enjoying having a small a-kit in my arsenal along with the e-kit. They really are two completely different beasts. I like having the flexibility to pick and choose between the kits to find the best match for whatever and wherever I might be playing. But, yes, you are absolutely right on how having a lot of time in on the e-kits will spoil you when it comes time to tune up an a-kit. When you're used to just flipping a switch or turning a knob to dial in your sound (or cycle between dozens of cymbal choices), it's a shock when you have to go back to actually working at physically tuning a kit again.
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          Keep my a-kit with my e-kit in a basement studio, but the humidity in the summer (with maxed out dehumidifiers) keeps me busy to maintain the sound of the a-kit, to say the least. Like the snare sound, though, and have used that with my e-kit at times, despite the extra work.

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            Moved them to our new rehursal space. They now sound great! almost as good as the vdrums....ALMOST!
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              I guess I got spoiled by Vdrums ...
              Yeah, I agree with the OP. I've been doing some A/B comparisons lately with the same band, same setups, same music, same clubs using my As and my Es. I find the sound (and within the limitations that they have - playability, now that I have the TDW-20) of the Es to be miles ahead of the As in every instance. Still love my As, and still play them, but they can't beat the Es for quality of sound, IMHO...