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  • What cymbals?

    Just a quick opinion sharing... If you guys had unlimited budget, and wanted to buy a basic set of cymbals (hh, crash, ride), what would you choose?
    I'm looking for a very jazzy sound, but also versatile enough to be used in funk or fusion.

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    Well, first you have to figure out what kind of cymbals you want, and by this I mean brand. do you like Zildjians, Istanbuls, Sabians, Bosphorus, etc?

    Since two out of three in my "power triad"(HH, Crash, Ride) are Zildjians, I'll talk about Zildjians for a second.

    If you want versatility, Zildjian-wise, you'd probably want to go for the A series. Those have sounds for pretty much everything. They're a mid-range pitch, but bright enough so they won't get lost in the mix. If course, the K's and A Customs will do you fine too, but A's are ytouted as the most versatile, and I happen to agree. Depending on wether you do more funk or jazz, I'd say your best bet is around the K/A/A Custom series. For Hi-Hats, I'd recommend the Mastersound series. For your needs, I'd go with an A Custom, but be careful, they're reported as being a bit thin, sonically.

    With rides, there's a more complex deal. That seems to be one of the most personal selections drumers make, from my observation, so I'll leave that one alone. Pitch/tone wise, refer to above comments.

    I like Sabian crashes, myself, so now I'd like to talk about Sabians a bit.

    For a jazz-funk setup, I'd reccomend the HH series. They're geared a bit more towards that. I know they have a sub-series called the "Manhattan" line that is avidly endoresed by renowned funk drummer Zoro. There's your funk right there, and exploring some other HH's, I think you'd find a good jazz crash in there somewhere.

    Hope you found this useful. Good luck on your search.



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      Thanx Jaay!
      Actually I was thinking Zildjian K before i read this ... probably because I've played them on my teacher's kit and got used to them. But I'll give the A's a try too. The problem with Sabian is that I don't really have access to all series of all brands... but Im going to see the dealer in 2 days... I'll find out what he can get me.


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        I recommend nothing.

        Since cymbals are very important and not one cymbal sounds the same (due to production techniques and irregularities in lathing, hammering, the bronze itself) it's very important that you listen yourself and compare. Compare. compare. Also: take your own cymbals with you and match.

        Sometimes a A Zildjian sounds very jazzy. Or funky. Sometimes a K Zildjian or Paiste Line does. There are no rules and saying I recommend the Mastersound HiHats is too simple. Sorry


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          I am not much of a gearhead and rarely make suggestions about what gear to buy--especially cymbals because they vary so much (as stated above).

          That said, if you are looking for a beautiful dark, jazzy ride cymbal I strongly suggest you check out the Istanbul Mel Lewis Ride before buying anything. I played a few recently and was amazed. I even considered selling my 22" Old K Zildjian to buy a Mel Lewis Ride. (Given how much old K's are going for on ebay these days I prolly could buy a whole set of the Istanbuls with the proceeds from selling the 22" K.)

          When I came to my senses I decided to keep my K and save up for the Istanbul --hoping that I can find a nice one when I have the cash.
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