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Yamaha Power V special

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    Should I buy

    I have the chance to buy an old, well-used set of Power V Specials, from England. It's the 6 piece, with 10, 12, 13 and 16" toms, and 22" bass drum. The snare is unfortunately not Yamaha.
    What is the value of these drums? Some are a little beat up, and the bearing edges on the toms may not be in great shape (can I fix that??)
    Anyways, they're on consignment for around US $450... The kit comes with some non-Yamaha (yet sturdy) stands, and is w/o cymbals.

    How similar would these sound to the Power V (which I've owned a mint set of for 15 years)??

    Any advice appreciated... thanks a lot!


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      I Dont Know Much About About Them But I Bought A Used Power V Kit For 400 Euro In Ireland. But Its A Real Old Kit.it Was Produced In The Early 8ties I Think. I Was Told It Was Bought For 2500 Euro Back Then Which Is About 3500 In Euro Now. I Think I Got A Bargain.

      I Think Its A Class Kit. It Has A Real Clean Sharp Direst Sound.
      I Heard They Were Made Especially For Drum Mics.
      It Really Sounds Good Throw Drum Mics I Think Its A Professional Kit
      I Ve Been In A Band For The Last 4 Years Its Only My Second Kit.
      I Had A Pearl Furum Before And This Kit Bets The Hell Out Of It.
      One Reason Why I Like It Is Cas Even When Its Out Of Tune It Still Sounds Sweet. It Suits Me Cas Im Very Impatient An Hate Tunin Drum. (but Love Battering Them.

      Hope I Helped


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        I'm going to regret it but I've got to sell my Power V specials. they are by far the best kit I've owned, second would have to be my gretch kit but its been gone for years. I'm in kentucky, US and these kits aren't available here either, I've searched for additions to my kit and come up empty handed, red marble however is the only finish i have seen and they are japan.


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          Mine are red marble and the badges say "Made in England"
          Too much stuff to list & a TD-20


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            power v's

            ive got a set of power v's 4-sale check the classifieds.satmac


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              English Power V

              Thanks everyone for you vital information, I new to the fourm I have been a drummer for some time now just getting back into the groove again. Once a drummer always a drummer I just purchased a used set of Power V's Made in England as my giging set Red Marble color, Nice kit! They sound far better than my old Tama's The only piece missing is the snare. Does any one have any suggestions to help exspand. I'm considering Using the Tama's to gig's and keep the Yamaha's in my home studio.


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                hi everybody. i'm an italian drummer and also i have a wonderful marble red Yamaha power V kit (not special) made in england. i bought it on 1998, brand new and i paid about 1150 euro complete with professional UFIP cymbals.
                standard 22, 12, 13, 16 configuration. i never had power v snare because the seller gives me a pearl export snare and now i use a tamburo formula 14x6,5 snare all maple shell.

                i use remo coated emperor and i like the sound!

                i have done a page on my blog about my drum, naturally is in italian but there are many pictures u can see

                at the end i think that i sell my power V to buy an all maple pro kit.


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                  Powerrrrrrrrrr V S

                  Hi Everyone!

                  Finally some decent info about the Power V (Special) kit!

                  I got my Power V Special kit in 1994 or '95, I'm not quite sure. The set came with a Zildjian Bronze Rock starterset, wich I still enjoy playing!

                  Below some images of a gig I performed with my band in January 2007. Yep, there she stands, behind all the guitars and bandmembers!

                  (Notice I play my toms with drumheads only on top )


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                    as seen on this thread before as well as The Japan Models.

                    Please keep an eye on this thread for the coming months for other interesting information.
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                      power v's f/s

                      Im getting rid of a few kits, i have a Power v shell pack forsale in black made in England for 200.00. Don't want to ship but i might. Im in the Greater Cleveland Area if anyone is interested pm me. Sizes are 22x16,12x10,13x11,16x16
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                        Hi Guys!
                        Just found this thread on Google and I'm pleased to get some information about the Power V Special
                        I also own a kit since the mid 90's. It's the only kit I own. My parents bought it for me. I was still a kid back then and played for 1 year or so. I'm still very into this kit. It's still in great condition (I measured the shells a while ago). It's really durable since I wasn't very nice to it when I was young
                        I really searcing for a 16" floor tom in red. If someone wants to sell one or knows where to get one I would really appreciate it.


                        ps.: Sorry for my bad english.


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                          I would like to strip the wrapping from my Power V-Special set.

                          Has anybody tried it?

                          What I would like to know is how they are glued to the shell. I have done it with old Tamas, and it is a nightmare because they are glued all over. I also did it to a Pearl Export set, and it was a bliss, because there were three layers of paper between the shell end the wrapping.

                          My kit is made by Premier, by the way. And it sounds pretty good, the price taken into account. The wrapping is tired and I would consider putting on a nice veneer...

                          Thanx in advance!



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                            Power Sale!!!

                            Hi all viewing!

                            I've indicated earlier to watch this thread and have been late with posting this...

                            I am selling this big black Yamaha Power V Special set, made in England!

                            8" mount tom
                            10" mount tom
                            12" mount tom
                            13" mount tom
                            14" mount tom
                            16" floor tom
                            2x22" bass drums
                            14" snare drum

                            Each individual shell made in England, including the ultra rare 8" mount tom and the hard to find 14" mount tom. All original and well kept.
                            Actually, the only sizes you'd need to find when wanting to have its range complete are the 15" mount tom, 18" floor tom and 20" bass drum. Not much left, isn't there?
                            The wood is perfect, chrome and metal parts are fine, only a few spots of rust which can be polished - with only one tom holder VERY rusty. It can be replaced with a later release Yamaha tom holder, made in Japan, if you wish.

                            Included are the Pearl rack with 8 attached clams for mount toms and cymbal arms. Included are 4 cymbal arms, a Yamaha hihat stand, two bass pedals of which one is a Yamaha and Yamaha snare stand.
                            The only part seen on the photos which is NOT included is the loose Yamaha cymbal stand to which the 13" mount tom is attacted.

                            Let me know if you're interested - I do not know yet if I post it on eBay or any which way.

                            Check the pictures!
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                              Red marble power v Specials for sale.

                              Hey Yall: I just found this thread and have a set of red marble power v specials. Made in england at the premier factory. It includes a 13" and 14" mounted tom, an 18" floor mounted tom, and 22" Bass drum. I also have some titanium ZXT zildjian cymbals for sale. A 16" rock crash, and a 20" rock ride, and some zildjian ZBT high hats. All are in nice shape. Not sure how to let yall know My contact info. Guess just post a reply if anyone is interested. THanks.


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                                hi to all dear collegues, i'm a south american drummer (from argentina) and i've just brought this power v special red granite japanese kit. i'm very happy with it, sounds cool.
                                my set up is:
                                12" tom
                                14" tom
                                16" floor tom
                                20" bass drum
                                it didn't came with the 14" metal snare drum, so i've bought a mapex black phanter.
                                with patience and dilligence i've added some stands and cymbals, all yamaha too.
                                now i'm looking for the 8" and 10" floating toms of this drum, if any of you or someboy you know, has any of this toms, please contact me as [email protected] or [email protected]. i'll be very interested in adquiring them.
                                thanks !
                                pd: i'll put some pics of my baby full dressed later