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Converting my accoustics to electronic

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  • Converting my accoustics to electronic

    Thinking about converting my accoustic set to fully electronic. I have done a little homework. Roland seems to be the best module. How about heads, piezo's, cymbals, etc.

    I know there is a lot here, but any advice where to get started would be much appreciated.

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    I basically cut up a cheap acoustic kit to get twice the amount of shells, the cones you can order direct from roland and the heads too, personally I think roland heads feel the best although they are more expensive. You could convert the acoustic cymbals using threads from vdrums to help or you could just buy the electronic ones. Depending on where you live piezos can be found maplins in the UK for under £1, bigger piezos for the rims, info can also be found in some threads for this. If you dont want to make holes and cut up your kit, just buy some mesh heads, roland module and some roland RT-10 triggers. You will probably get more replies if this was stuck in the diy section.
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      You're looking for the DIY section of this message board, I think

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