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early 70's slingerland snare/tom

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  • early 70's slingerland snare/tom

    placed a bid 5 days ago and won.
    10 bucks and 30 for shipping.
    about 50$ CAD.
    seller listed it as a ludwig but it doesn't look like one and he confirmed what I was thinking in the email that followed the end of the auction.

    Link here

    what do you think?
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    Lud-erland thang

    Looks like it used to be a Ludwig floor tom, because of the three Ludwig floor leg mounts. I can't quite place the lugs if they're Slingerland too, a marching snare?! No, it's a marching snare that was converted into a floor tom at one time in its life? What is the story behind it? Interesting find to say the least!
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      That's a Slingerland Parade drum ( Super tension) with a Zoomatic snare strainer and rim-shot counter hoops. Should be 8 lugs , they did offer a 10 lug version for extra cost. Has a Ludwig tom mount, maybe that's why he said Ludwig. Could be a 10x15, its from the early seventies. Came originally with 16 wire snares. Enjoy it.
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        thanks for the info, it's great to see i got something that has some value in terms of rarety


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          a tip if you want to try to clean the original hardware....

          use coca-cola and aluminum foil. it works great. i just did that to a 70's snare that i bought and turned into an edrum. it works better than any chrome cleaner on the market i have tried. just be sure to clean it with soap and water when your finished so it's not sticky.
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            thanks for the heads up T