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Acoustic blast

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  • Acoustic blast

    I've started to paint my music room 2 weeks ago and it's been on and off since then cuz i've been working a lot... my drum was being stored in an adjecent room. I legs started to turn blue due to long practicing so I decided to bring my kit up again, even if the painting isn't completed.

    damn! what a blast... and then I thought : that's something e-drums will never give me!
    e-drums will never achieve such thing (at least for me) and that's why after I get my td-12, I'll start saving up for a 7 piece sonor s classix in walnut finish

    <3 my A's

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    That's why I have the best of both worlds, My TD-20 electric and my PDP Platinum acoustics! =0) They're set up identical so switching back and forth is super easy.
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      I don't think you'll make any enemies with this revelation. I love, absolutely friggen LOVE my e's, but am seriously thinking about saving for some a's, even though I wouldn't get to play them much. For that matter, I don't even have a place for them anytime real soon. But I would be estatic to have a nice kit.

      * Oh yeah, PICS?
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        pics of my kit or AdamCooney's ?
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          Originally posted by gostviper View Post
          pics of my kit or AdamCooney's ?

          It was your thread and you mentioned an e kit and an a kit, so I figured pics are always nice!


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            alright well...
            it's an old trak, got it when I was 8 and I'm 17, close to 18. at that time, trak's were not as cheap as they are today. more plies, stronger hardware, etc...

            toms are inverted as you can see. sizes for the shells are 14x6 snare, 13x11 tom, 12x10 tom, 16x16 floor, 22x14 bassdrum.
            From left to right, cymbals are:
            - 14" B8 hi hat
            - 16" B8 thin crash
            - 10" B8 pro splash
            - 17" AAXplosion crash (sounds amazing)
            - 20" B8 ride
            - 14" AA mini chinese

            I know... B8's fail but they came with the kit. they did the job at that time and I'll change them when needed but as of now they're fine except maybe the crash.
            I chose a B8 pro for the splash, not because it was cheap but because I liked the sound.
            The 17 AAXplosion crash is awesome and the chinese is punchy and I love it.

            the sticker on the crash is what happens when you're 10 years old and you're given a sticker.

            kitbuilder view

            not adam's pdp but I still love my drum set... it's the first one I got... the last one, not. the most important one, yes.

            and umm sorry for the background, painting is going on...


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              Thanks. Nice looking kit. That's identical to how I have my heavily modified TD-6SXT setup. 'Cept no china. Rock on dude!