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mistriggering with RT-10 series on mesh head

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  • mistriggering with RT-10 series on mesh head

    I have the rt-10s on a pearl mesh head, when i do rolls, the sound is all over the place, so many miss triggering, so i am wonder is it the head's problem or the trigger.
    Does any of you have these problem?
    Will other mesh head works better?

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    I have the same issue.


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      With what module? I was about to post a question to know if other mesh head will work better but I did a research and I saw on that forum a thread where the solution was to tighten the head. That works but I get more double triggering. If I raise the retrig cancel, I'm able to stop the double trigger but then again the rolls are loosing triggering. I am with a TD-6V by the way. Will changing the mesh head for Roland or Hart will help? If I change the module for a TD-12, will it help?


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        I thought the Pearl Mesh heads would work better since they're thinner than the Roland Mesh Heads, but I could be wrong. Most likely it may just be in your settings. If your module has the option to pick up dynamics, or mess with the velocity curve etc. The RT-10 triggers came with a user manual that listed exactly what settings to use on different roland modules. Perhaps that would help, i'm sure you can find the trigger manual online in a PDF.


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          I have been using a RT-10S with a 14" ROland head on my TD-20 and it works flawlessly. It would be my main trigger if I didn't want PS.


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            I changed the module for a TD-9 and problem solved.