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HEY, Yamaha MC Vintage guys...

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  • HEY, Yamaha MC Vintage guys...

    Arenīt these the most beautiful drums there are????
    I own one kit (18"bd, 10"tt, 12"tt, 14"ft)and I canīt stop looking at them.
    It has such an elegant and graceful look.
    And the comment......
    It is perfect as nature....with its imperfections!!
    Tell me guys what you think!!!!

    P.S. I own these drums for two years now, so iīm not just in love with my NEW drums.

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    I have a mc set that I am selling and will be replacing it with......... yep.
    Vintage mc's, do you have the wood hoops?
    I saw that on a set of vmc's and I was knocked out.
    Really lovely to look at.
    Wish me luck.
    The original Gig Pig.


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      Wood hoops only on my Snare.
      Killer sound.
      a bit of ringing though.
      Mine is a jazz set
      and yours????


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        I am going to order them as soon as my turquoise set sells(3 weeks from now)
        I am really stepping down in size but I want a set that is in between the 2 sets I have been using for the past few years.

        My MC's are 8,10,12,14 &16 and a 22x16 kick.
        Nice killer drums, but........ heavy and loud, I haven't used the 16 in 3 years.
        The 8 is nice but....... how much do I need that many toms?

        I have been using a Remo mastertouch set with a 10, 12 and 14 floor tom, 18x14 kick.
        Nice little set and the toms sound great but the kick sucks.
        The hardware sucks, and the wrap finish is ok, but.. I love to have a stunner set. It makes me want to play.

        I am ordering a 10,12 and 14 floor, with a 20 kick. I figured I would split the difference.
        Wood hoops on all the drums, and vintage finish of course.
        I cannot wait to get them.
        How long did it take for your finish to mature?


        Jeff, using...
        td 8,PD-120,
        pintech pads,gibraltor rack, JBL G2 EON 15 AND Mackie srs-1500, BBE 462 yamaha maple customs, remo jazz kit, buttloads of cymbals... 96 Tahoe,leather.

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        The original Gig Pig.


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          Hmmmmmmmmm, I may look at the absolute vintage.........less weight, lower fundamental note and a bit less money.
          My mc's are heavy.
          Any thoughts?
          The original Gig Pig.


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            I couldnīt believe my eyes when I saw it at the store.
            They Were light pink....I mean pink as the panther.
            I didnīt have the guts to bring them home.
            I thought those guys had done big **** and got confused with colours orded so i said goodbye and was really sad.
            After asking Harry cangany and some other guys a few questions I was ready to go there and pick them up.
            A few months later I went there and they were stil pinkish.But...what the hell...lets give it a try.
            When I got home everybody laughed at me.
            Two days later the golden finish started to come up and two weeks later I said....Yeah thats it. They were almost as they are now, with that beautifil golden finish and ready to rock, I mean to jazz.Almost 2 years have passed
            thats my story.I just regret I didnt bring my kit as soon as it got to the store.
            You wont regret you choice.
            Now I just want to get a vintage MC 20" bass drum to play jazz AND pop/rock with the same exactly kit, but the bass drum.
            Its really hard to find them here in Portugal. No dealer here, only in the country next to us, spain.
            Let me know what you think about the looks and sound when you get them, ok??


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              Will do.
              Funny story about the color and you passing on them at first.
              I already know they will be pinksih for a while, I have another set I can use till the gold
              Take care and I will get back to you asap,

              Jeff, using...
              td 8,PD-120,
              pintech pads,gibraltor rack, JBL G2 EON 15 AND Mackie srs-1500, BBE 462 yamaha maple customs, remo jazz kit, buttloads of cymbals... 96 Tahoe,leather.
              The original Gig Pig.


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                Have a 13"x5" Maple absolute snare.
                Was orange intially but now a lovely golden colour.

                Great wee drum.
      , ,Tempus Drums, Istanbul Agop, Regal Tip, Alesis DMPro, D4,Garageband, HK Powerworks PA


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                  Ordering my set wednesday.
                  I was going to keep my MC snare but the kid who bought the set found he needed a pro level snare so.....
                  Then I came acroos a 13x6.5 Spirit snare made from Ironwood and carved from a log , no seam at all. MINE.
                  So now I am ordering a 18x20 MCA in vintage finish and 7.5x10, and 8x12 and 14x14 floor.
                  Cases and then wood hoops for all.
                  I can't wait.
                  I am going to take some photos during the curing process. should be fun to document the changes.
                  The original Gig Pig.


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                    I have some pinkish toms in my living room....hahaha.
                    Bass drum has started to turn and the floor tom is just starting.
                    The stock heads blow, and my cases are a week behind , but what the hell....just be less pink when I do take them out.
                    The original Gig Pig.


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                      I spoke with Dave ksyicki, or something at Yamaha support.
                      He knows about this site !

                      Anyway, I have to return my 10" tom as it is too dark some cuts os maple respond differently than others and he was very nice and is shipping a new one this week.

                      The set sounds amazing and looks fantastic.
                      I just put the vintage hoops on all the toms and think they are the bomb.
                      Still changing color and the tone is supposed to change too in time.
                      Heads tho I am not a big Remo fan are coated emperors.
                      Aquarian clear on the bottom.

                      Killer set.
                      The original Gig Pig.