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New Spirit Snare today !

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  • New Spirit Snare today !

    I'll try to stop drooling long enough to tell anyone who reads this.......What a drum!
    I bought the 13x6.5 with 10 lugs.
    Very responsive and a real nice woody crack.
    Run to the nearest store and get one, but.... bring money, not cheap.
    Back to my snare for some ruffs...
    The original Gig Pig.

  • #2
    Right on! Have fun with it. I haven't heard of this company before though. (spirit) Are they new?
    td-6, pro-mark, remo, sabian, dw, tama rockstar.


    • #3
      Are these the Japanese Slingerland series, called Spirit 1000?

      Or is it the Australian manufacturer Spirit?

      Or a Spirit Of Sint Louis snare?



      • #4
        Hi, sorry to take so long getting back to you all.
        Yes from here. http://www.spiritdrums.com/snare/beat.html
        Very nice drums indeed.
        Only bummer with the site is I can't get the email to work and calling is going to be expensive.
        The original Gig Pig.


        • #5
          Any Aussie players out there that can maybe find a working email address please post or send it to my email. thanks in advance.
          The original Gig Pig.