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DW Collectors

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  • DW Collectors

    Ok, I just have to blab about this DW collectors kit I picked up....$900 from eBay...
    It is a 1989-1990 ish kit... The wrap job is kinda crappy, but MAN do these things sound awesome... I was originally going to trigger them, but this electronic drum playing geek is going to get some mic's for these...maybe I will trigger some efx. pads, etc... I am an electronic drummer turning acoustic...opposite of some here..

    Are AKG mics decent for live situations? I hear good things about the 112 kick mic... WHat about Sure SM98's for toms?? I know nothing about micing...

    Just had to rant about the dw's...I have always wanted a set, and $900 for a 20" kick, 10, 12, 14 toms w /RIMS mounts, is unreal...

    Anyone else here play dw's??


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    Strange you should mention this. I was just in a Guitar Center and they had a used set of DW's, a four-piece jazz kit (12", 14", 18", Snare 14" ?) for $ 1,949. It sounded wonderful. But could a used four-piece be worth that much?

    My mouth waters. But to remain a fantasy.



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      Hi Erik,

      I have no experience with mics, but I have read very much about it and this is what my conlusions are.

      The AKG D-112 has a bit of a clicky metal sound as far as I know. If you prefer this sound it should be ok. The Sennheiser E-604 and the Shure Beta 52 are both good kick mics, while the Shure will survive being on stage longer.

      As for toms; you can't go wrong with Sennheiser E604's. Good sound, easy to clip on and not expensive. Probably the SM-98 have a larger dynamical range and have some more high end, they are also suitable for snare use.

      The standard snare mic is a Shure SM-57. Also the Beta 56 is used for that purpose as well very much.

      Hope this helps, hope others can help more


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        Hi Erik,
        good purchase on the DW's!!.
        Did you get a Boom Theory set yet or has that been postponed?

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          Erik- Nice score on the DW's. I won't go into the E dum vs. A crum issue, but you can't go wrong keeeping your involvenemt with each.
          I use an AKG D112 on my Fibes kick and I love it. I used one on the DW Collectors kit that I had previous to the Fibes. I do not hear a metal click. The mic is very heavy duty as well...solid as a rock. You can pick one up- on Ebay for a good price.I am using Shure 57's on my drums and not as high on them as the AKG. I think a couple of condensors overhead will suit you just fine....I give high praise to the AKG....SG
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            Thanks for the info.... Loving my DW's... I am adding electronics into the rig - I just took an new ddrum SE pad, took off the mesh head, and put a Pinstripe on it... It make a great effect drum - I cranked the head tension down - very high pitched....kinda cool.

            I still have my ddrum3 electronic kit....there is no question edrum kits are great for practice and some gigs...