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Where are your acoustic drums now?

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  • Where are your acoustic drums now?

    I just sold off my Tama Granstar II's and am solely using electrics now. It was hard to see them go but it was better to put them in a home where they will be played Their new owner was very excited to get them. It's amazing how you can get so attached to something over the years.

    Just wondering what everyone else has done with their acoustic sets. Do you still play them, are they in the closet, did you sell them. Just wondering is all

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    My story:

    After playing in several local band with varying degrees of success, I sold my Tama Rockstars. I had a BAD band experience and wanted to get away from drumming for a while so I didn't burn out.

    I played guitar and sang in a pop-punk band... THAT was fun.

    A Chicago based Ska band had some posters up in town and I grabbed one and put it in my desk drawer for a while... It was something I was interested in doing, but I HAD NO DRUMS!!!

    I ended up with that Ska band (which reformed into an Indie-rock band) and played their kit for about 1 year and a half... at which point they lost steam and split up entirely (they had been together for about 5 years before I joined).

    So, drumless and bandless I watched the discovery channel a lot.

    Then a friend from the bad band days called and said, "I want to put a band together, but my first pick for a drummer is in Filter right now... are you interested?" It was his way of complimenting me...

    So I bought a Tama Artstar II kit, and totally refurbished it, and promptly sold it for less that I bought it for. (D'oh!)

    Then I bought my (not-as-neighbor-offending) V-drums. And they all lived happily ever after.



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      I have a pearl export that is collecting dust in a corner. I learned my lesson from selling musical equipment so i will keep them forever as well as my v's.


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        Acoustics in the closet .
        But I'd never sell them(nostalgia )


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          I have a big boy play room which I had both my Pearl MLX's and VDrums set up in. Well after 6 months I realized I wasn't playing the acoustics. Sat down and tried to jam on them, and what a shock!! I couldn't wait to get back to my V's!! Bagged the acoustics up, and put them in the closet. Slowly selling off the extra hardware. I have tried to sell the Pearls, but with little success, as everyone wants them for nothing! I'd rather give them to my church.

          I still use my Zildjians occasionally with the VDrums. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!
          Driving a great song is better than driving a great car!!



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            I've gone through so many in the last 25+ years I never really grew any attatchments at the time. Sure wish I had that black chrome Slingerland kit back though!!!!! I can still smell that nice aroma of maple and glue when I changed heads .

            Played pads for awhile but went directly back to acoustics (triggered) ASAP. Just didnt feel right to me. Sort of that Devo, Flock of Seagulls feeling


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              I ran i ran so far away ,I couldn't get away ! Ha ha . Flock of > wow can't believe I still remember those lyrics ...My tama 's are still collecting dust in my basement ,trying to sell them ,but refuse to give them away. ~REDMAN~


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                I have a Tama Rockstar now, and after a few years got a TD7. My Tama is at my dad's place now and I play them occasionally during lunch breaks from my job. I love to play acoustics more than electric, definitely. I play TD7's on most days, because of the noise level factor, and practise factor(you can hear the CD). I don't understand some comments above on "Can't wait to get back to my V's after playing the acoustic".. are the V's that much better than the TD7's? E.drums are very good, but I like natural sounds better....

                ... so I am keeping my Tama...


                TD8 with PD7's, 2 KD7's (From previous TD7)
                Tama Rockstar with mix of Sabian, Zildjian and Paiste.


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                  I play a hybrid kit with acoustic bass drum and snare drum (both with a trigger though) because I still can't miss the feel and heart from an 'original' snare. The toms are drum pads.

                  In my head the pros and cons of an acoustic drum kit vs an electric kit are still 'fiting' with eachother. It's about my love for e-drum sounds and the feel from acoustics. Sometimes I like to return to an acoustic kit because of its better dynamics but when I play an acoustic drum kit at a festival (where several bands play on a hired drum kit) and I realize that the feel and dynamics from acoustic drums are limited by the dynamics from a microphone and the sound system AND when I then hear the lame acoustic live drum sounds, then I again know why I am playing e-drums: having a good sound all the time.


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                    My story:

                    I have no acoustics. At the moment.

                    In high school I occasionally played the
                    school's Ludwig Rocker kit and enjoyed it.
                    I even played drums (those Ludwigs) in some
                    short lived (ya know, high school...) band
                    projects but I never owned a kit. Due to
                    the storage space and volume-tolerance
                    requirements owning a kit was just not an
                    option. In college I tried out the V's and totally wanted them. But was a few bucks
                    short of the $4k sticker price.

                    Then I graduated from college and started
                    making some money. Got my Hart Dynamics
                    Studio BX (with TD8) kit in March of 2000.
                    And now I can't imagine my life without a
                    drum kit right there at my disposal! But
                    I started taking drum lessons in June of
                    2000 and my teacher's got all acoustics...
                    and I love 'em. So now I'm saving my pennies
                    for a serious acoustic setup.

                    I'm jealous of you guys with acoustic kits
                    collecting dust.... I'll take 'em!

                    I just love the sound of the real drums.
                    And the real cymbals. The volume. It's
                    just such a different experience. I don't
                    find the feel to be a whole lot different
                    from my Hart Dynamics kit, nor will I ever
                    get rid of my Hart kit. I just want that
                    other experience as well...

                    Too much information, I know. Sorry about



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                      My accoustic kit is still at my Dad's house. It's mainly a Hayman kit, but painted candy red, and with a Premier Projector 20x18" Kick (which I love).

                      I've also got a 22x20" Birch kick that I made myself as a school project. I made it by fabricating eight birch 22x2" hoops (two of which would later be counterhoops for the drum) on a wooden jig from laminate strips, then aligning them into a tube-shaped frame and laying up single birch plies inside the frame until I'd build up the eight ply shell. I then used black stain and lacquer on the outside. I also started to fabricate stainless tuning lugs for the drum but ran out of time, so I disassembled my Hayman bass drum and used the hardware from that. It took a lot of time and work but the result is a really meaty projecting bass that I used live several times.

                      Anyway it's all gathering dust, but will be rescued at some future date.


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                        I leave my acoustic Yamahas at my guitarists house where we occasionally practice. That way I don't have to move a set down there and I get to play the acoustics once in a while so that I don't completely lose touch with the feel and technique of the acoustics. It takes a little getting used to the difference in the sets but I guess it's like riding a bike. You never really forget how. As in riding your bike, don't forget to wear a helmet when playing your acoustics.


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                          My acoustics are somewhere in California because I sold them. They were Pearl Export Pro's with a full rack. I had them triggered, so they weren't really used for acoustics anyway.
                          I would love to buy a new dw collectors kit, but since I am going to win the Modern Drummer 25th Anniversary kit, there is no need to run out and waste my money. Sorry Rus.



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                            I'll send you a pair of the mirror sticks when I win... and you can buy the set from me (because it has been foretold by the prophets that I will win). I plan to take the $$ and buy some toys for my V's, pay some bills and maybe buy a DW Workshop kit...

                            My picture is gonna look good in MD when I win.


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                            [This message has been edited by rus (edited January 04, 2001).]
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                              I agree with puttenvr. I love acoustic drums, but I don't like being at the mercy of a sound man. I would tune my acoustics without muffling them and work hard to get them to sound good, then the [email protected]#$$ would want to put duct tape on them. I don't believe that the roland modules have a set called "duct tape", but if they did, that would be the one he would want me to use.

                              My acoustics (Pearl exp selects) are in my closet, but I will probably set them up at my quitar players house for practice.


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                              Pearl drums converted with hart adc, roland kd7's, pd 120 for snare, various roland rubber pads, hart e cymbals and pads, td8, td6, 2 mackie srm450s and mackie sub. mackie sr 24-4 mixer........and always growing.