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hhx evolution

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  • hhx evolution

    has anybody had a chance to try sabians new hhx evolution cymbals? the stores I go to rarely get new stuff in, so I haven't had a chance to demo them in person yet.
    td-6, pro-mark, remo, sabian, dw, tama rockstar.

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    Actually, I have tried the hhx sabians. While I did not like the crashes, my quest for THEE ride cymbal ended when I played the 21" ride. Dry, nice attack and a killer bell sound. Of course, I will probably want a new one in about 5 years, but for now, this is the one! If you like a mellow, dry tone, check these cymbals out.
    V-Custom w Roland TD-8 and and Alesis DM5, DIY edrums


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      Are these Weckl's cymbs now???
      Thank you


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        these cymbals have to have one of the most hilariously awful marketing campaigns ever.

        some quotes -

        "these innovative cymbals practically play themselves"

        "sonically matched and designed for total response"

        "with hhx evolution you don't have to think. you just play"

        and my personal favorite -

        "delivers an extremely nasty sound"

        what does any of that mean? i guess one shouldn't expect much less from the company that brain-farted the "ballad of dog man" contest.