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  • Arbiter Flats

    Has anyone tried them? What are they like? Are they as compact as advertised? Do they sound any good? Are they good for practice purposes? What about music recording?

    Etc. etc.
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    I believe you can download some mp3's played with Flats on Arbiters website.

    Music was my first love...


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      I have played them at NAMM...sound wise they are ok...if using live, a sound tech could make them sound better obviously...

      I think they would make some pretty cool electronic drums, but it would not be too cost effective...

      Very interesting product though...



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        Their Advantage Tuning system is even more interesting. Shame that drummers didn't pick this up. Like they didn't pick up the Arbiter Autotune in the 1970s either.

        Okay, the drums weren't perfect, but I think drummers more dislike the fact that there was nothing to put a drum key on. Pitty.

        The Arbiter Flats sound like dry (wet) roto toms. In fact they are a bit too expensive for e-drum triggering since you pay for the concept (flat, at tuning) here. I think there are better pad/roto tom/practice set options for drum triggering.


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          I'm more interested in their qualities as acoustic drums, rather than just triggers. After all, I don't use my V-Drums with triggers. I have the V-Session set, and lug that around with me - pads, brain and all - when I need to.

          I know I could do a lot better than the Flats, but space is a problem for me right now, hence my query on the Flats.

          Oh, and thanks for the tip, MPCMan. I appreciate it!

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          "I do what I like, and I like what I do."