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DW "Tunerz"

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  • DW "Tunerz"

    I just found this on Harmony-Central.com;

    DW "Tunerz" Provide Simple, Secure Drum Tuning System

    November 24, 2001 -- Developed in conjunction with master-drummer Terry Bozzio, DW "Tunerz" represent a step forward in the art of drum tuning.

    The unique (patent pending) design combines tension rods with notched heads and interlocking flex-receivers to create a system that prevents de-tuning during playing while also providing a method for even, incremental tuning of any drum.

    With a suggested retail price of $19.95, the rods are available in convenient 10-packs in a choice of DW's True-Pitch (5mm) or standard (10-24) threads to replace conventional 1 3/8'', 1 5/8'', 2 1/4'' and 2 3/4'' long tension rods.

    For more information, visit their web site at www.dwdrums.com.

    ----- http://www.harmony-central.com/Newp/2001/DW-Tunerz.html

    Anybody tried them yet? Or see Terry Bozzio use them? It seems interesting to me

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    These are basically the same thing as a product called "Index Tension" tuning rods, which were invented by Ned Steinberger and marketed by RhythmTech. I think they were introduced around '94. I'm not sure how well they caught on or if they're still in production, but I do recall them being pretty expensive......
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      there's info about them in drum! magazine this month too.
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        Canopus uses a similar product, named Bolt-Tight. Same principle, and, like the Ned Steinberger/RhythmTech version, been around longer than the DW clone.

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          According to all the official information I've seen, the Canopus Bolt-Tite is a new product for their drums...
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            Canopus is rather slow in updating their site and literature, they've had the Bolt-Tights for 2 or 3 years now.

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