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tama starclassic efx wrap

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  • tama starclassic efx wrap

    Has anyone used this kit (the tama starclassic efx with wrapped shells?) Just curious to see how they are compared to the painted shells. Also, i'm confused about the sound focus rings. The catalog says it makes it have a mellowing or muting effect. Any opinions on how it makes it sound?
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    What's so confusing about the Sound Focus Rings? They do exactly what the catalog says: they mellow the overtones, focusing the sound. As for my opinion, it only matters what YOU think about them. Some people like them, others don't.

    But Tama doesn't offer "painted" shells, so there's no comparison. They do, however, offer lacquered shells. The wrapped shells don't have as much resonance.
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      so is it like dw's reinfocing ring or like remo's O dampeners?
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        It's like DW's reinforcement rings, or the rings you'll find on vintage drums.
        They do as Stoovey describes, dampen overtones, resulting in a drier tone as compared to the same shell without rings. The original idea was to add stability to the old thinner-shelled drums, but drum builders now use them more or less for sound reasons only.
        Comparing Starclassic Performer EFX to the laquered Starclassic Performers, the laquered drums sound more lively, the wrapped drums have a more focussed tone. Which is better is up to your personal taste, give 'em both a try if you can.

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          cool. thanks
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