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    hey, i am interested in buying a peavey radial pro 1000 set. anyone ever played on them? or heard anything about them regarding the sound? post some replies please.

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    Haven't played 'em, seen 'em up close, tho. Personally, they're butt-ugly to me, but then again, so are my V-drums to alot of people... The main issues I'd be concerned with are:

    - quality control in manufacture (long-time problem with Peavey)

    - sound (subjective; judge for yourself)

    - do they REALLY call out to your soul? Sounds hokey, but if they are well-made, sound good, and make you dream of them at night, go for it. I'd shop around, though, and try other brands before pulling the trigger on those. How much were you planning to spend? Also, if you like putting your toms really close together, you'll be limited somewhat by the bulky "Radial Bridge" on the Peaveys.

    Your call; sorry I'm not of more help.


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      If I recall correctly, the Modern Drummer review said they sound fine, but not spectacular, but they are huge and heavy as hell.

      I remember thinking OK...that'll be the end of those. Sorry.

      What do you think of the Arbiter drums? No lugs, perfect tuning with a turn of a single screw?
      Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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        First I thought they were cool looking when I'd only seen pics on the internet and in magazines.
        Two weeks ago I saw a Peavey kit for the first time and it looked awfull!

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          I have actually played a Peavey kit. They sound great, very resonant. The looks are not traditional, but that's a love/hate thing. I think they look pretty cool. Positioning wasn't a problem at all.

          Here's what MD wrote concerning the kit, from the February 200 issue:

          "Sound: Impressive is the word. The toms are full, responsive, and powerful. The snare has incredible volume and cutting attack. And the bass drum has lots of depth and punch, and a sense of sheer 'bigness' that was genuinely stunning. The single-ply heads on the toms promote attack, but also produce a bit of 'boinginess.' Twin-ply heads would likely moderate this effect, while really pulling out the depth."
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