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Child's drum set - best prices?

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  • Child's drum set - best prices?

    I am looking for a 5-piece childs drumset with a hi-hat. I have found several on the net, but most list the hi-hat is seperate. The new ludwig jr's are nice. But they are $355 plus you have to buy the throne and hi-hat seperate. Adam, cannon, cb, tko... doesn't matter to me.

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    Here's a site with a CB Jr. set.

    I've never dealt with them but it seems like a good price if you what they say you do. If not there's always the reliable ebay.


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      By far the best child's kit is the Yamaha Manu Katche Hipgig Jr (16" kick, 10" tom and 13" floor tom). Pro level hardware, great shells, brand name heads and it sounds brilliant. Downside, it's around $700 without cymbals, and it's a 4-piece, but I doubt you'll find anything better for kids below a grand.

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        I'm going for the Yamaha manu Katche Hip-Gig kit as a second kit, for practice and small gigs.
        About 400 without stands and 550 with.
        About the same price as a Fullsize YD kit but there you go.

        A lot better value than the megabucks
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