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  • Metronome

    Anyone know of a metronome I can use that meets the following criteria:

    1. Has some kind of display other than a single blinking light
    2. Has the ability to have a tempo "tapped in" so I can quickly determine the tempo the band's playing at
    3. Doesn't cost an arm and a leg (i.e. less than $100)

    I sometimes play acoustics with some friends and don't want to keep bringing my TD-10 along just to use the click.

    TD-10 (not expanded), PD-120, 2xPD-100, KD-7, snare stand, double-tom stand.

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    Theres the Tama Rhythnwatch which does everything you require.
    Not sure on $ price though.
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      Thanks MustangMick, but from the pictures I see on the web (i.e. musiciansfriend.com) it seems to just have a single blinking light. I think I've seen others that have an LCD display with a sweep-style display (but then they don't have the tap-tempo feature). Let me know if I'm wrong.

      Maybe I'll try to hit my local GC and see it in person.
      TD-10 (not expanded), PD-120, 2xPD-100, KD-7, snare stand, double-tom stand.


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        I have a Korg MA-20, it's really small and quiet, but it has an LCD sweep type display and a tap tempo and I think it was around $20 at GC.


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          Here's the Korg on ebay:


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            Anyone know if the Korg MA-20 has an output for the click? In catalogs and online it lists only an output jack for tuning (I guess it will output an A, or maybe any note you want). My band wants to be able to run the metronome through the monitor mixing board sometimes. I'd hate to spend the extra money on a DB-66 just to get that feature.

            If no one owns an MA-20, I guess I'll have to brave the non-helpful personnel at my local chain music store

            TD-10 (not expanded), PD-120, 2xPD-100, KD-7, snare stand, double-tom stand.


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              How about this?

              There are some other threads on it in the forum, and a pretty good review, I think, too.