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Bass Drum Illustrations

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  • Bass Drum Illustrations

    I'm looking to illustrate my coated bass drum head. Just a simple line drawing. Just wondering what's better, marker or paint or whatever. And any pitfalls I should look out for, any suggestions.



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    Oil paint should do it, try it out on an old head, see if it sticks, how fast it dries, how much you need to apply for a good coat etc, but don't forget to smoothe the area slightly where you're going to paint first, makes it easier. And when you're finished, spray some Krylon over it, that's stuff you'll find in craft stores which protect drawings and sketches from smudges and running.

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      Long ago I did this (actually, our keyboardist's girlfriend did it...she was an "artist").

      Anyway, I did not need it to be sharp and clean...in fact, it was intentionally blurry, but it probably could be done with a line drawing...remember, most people will see this from a distance, so you want the lines to be fatter than you think.

      We created a stencil and spray painted the logo on...did it in two layers (black and blue) offset from each other for sort of a drop shadow look...worked out pretty well and held up for as long as I owned it and used the acoustics for live shows.

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