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Acoustic Drums w/TD-10 and Mics

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  • puttenvr
    Why should you muffle the acoustic drums? For triggering? Mmm...

    Mixing acoustic and electronic drum sounds is more difficult than you think. Consider 3 points:
    1- run the acoustic drums through a compressor. Should make their sound more compact
    2- be sure that the acoustic drums have the same pitch as the sounds they trigger in the td-10
    3- be aware of a delay. The acoustic drum sound is much faster than the e-drum sound. Yes, it is a 1/? st of a second, but still...

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  • Millennium Sound
    started a topic Acoustic Drums w/TD-10 and Mics

    Acoustic Drums w/TD-10 and Mics

    Ok, Im not a drummer and Im not the engineer. Im the poor ole studio owner. Here is my question. In our quest to become and actual studio (instead of a demo studio), I have purchased the TD-10 drum head. We are looking for that (what we call) Big Nashville drum sound. I was told that it is accomplished by triggering the drums at the same time that you are micing them and later layering the two. How do you get good tone thru the mics with muffled drums? Are we barking up the right tree? Any comments?