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2x pedal or double bass?

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  • 2x pedal or double bass?

    If I am going to buy an acoustic set, I want a reallyt good one. Does it make a difference if I have two basses or a double pedal?

    I play double pedal faithfully (fear factory etc...) and wouldn't use two different pitched drums.

    One other issue is I wanted a rack for the toms and cymbals but one rack can't hold 4 toms and a bunch of cymbals...

    Any preferences on the tama rockstar 9 piece? see it @



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    If you play double bass frequently I would certainly consider buying two different bass drums because of the feel. Also realize that some metal drummers just prefer the look of having two bass drums. You said that you don't want to use two different tunings or two different sizes (another advantage from 2 bass drums).

    But, two different bass drums means:
    - twice the price of one bass drum
    - two microphones needed (not all technicians have two special kick mics)
    - two flight cases or other cases
    - two bass drum pedals
    - twice the need of having (and replacing) good bass drumheads. (expensive heads)
    - extra room on stage (I play a lot on small stages and extra small drum stages)
    - no flexibility when playing on a festival where they have one drum kit.

    A twinpedal will does the job as well (especially when you don't play double bass that much) but the feel is different since two beaters kick on the same drum head. Also realize that the drumhead sooner will wear out. A twinpedal is more cheaper than two bass drums for the reasons I mentioned above.
    And: you can take your own twinpedal with you when playing on a foreign drum kit and simply adjust it.

    As you see: a lot of pros and cons. Therefore the conclusion: try a twinpedal first. If you like the feel (and do play a long time with it or several times at different days): buy it. Otherwise consider the two bass drums.


    O yeah, and about the racks. Most drum racks can hold enough drum parts when the front bars are long enough. Search for such rack.


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      Fear Factory, eh? Awesome. Raymond H. has
      some pretty fast feet, eh?

      puttenvr makes some good points about one
      vs. two bass drums. I'm also going to get
      an acoustic kit soon, and I've been toying
      with the idea of having two kick drums, but
      using a double pedal on one, and a single
      pedal on the other -- and tuning them a
      little differently. I'd probably tune the
      left kick drum a little lower with less
      muffling and use it sparingly, like for
      simpler parts in choruses or something, using
      my left foot. But I'd use the double pedal
      on the "main" kick for the faster double
      bass stuff. Doing this has a couple of
      advantages as well, and some disadvantages.

      You still have the issues with cost of the
      drums and head replacement (although not
      quite as bad if the 2nd kick is used much
      less often). It may be tricky to figure out
      where to position that single pedal - inside
      the other kick pedal? Outside the hh pedal?

      But this alleviates problems with space and
      being able to adjust to a single-kick setup
      that isn't yours, as you'll be used to your
      double pedal. If the sound guy only has one
      kick drum mic, then just don't use the second
      kick - or don't even bring it. You can still
      tune the two kicks the same and practice
      using them both for the faster playing, to
      see what you like best...

      As for racks, check out the Gibraltar
      GRS850DBL. If that won't hold everything
      you need it to, add in a GRS350.

      Tama Rockstar 9 piece for $2300? Before you
      commit to that, see how much the same shells
      would cost you in the birch and maple
      StarClassic (since you mentioned Tama) trim,
      for comparison. It may be worth a little
      more to get, uhhh, shells that sound good.

      ps- Joe, have you downloaded FF's new song,
      "What Will Become?" Badass!!!!


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        Having been a Tama player for most my life, I take issue with your assessment of the quality of sound available from the Rockstars. I played a 6 piece (10, 12, 14, 16, 22, 14x4) and got compliments on it everywhere I played. This was mostly a heavy rock gig and I also played some heavy folk (John Cougar type stuff). With those drums it's all about the head selection. They're made with a bass-wood inner play and maybe birch or maple layers? It's been a while since I checked, but I know those drums had ATTACK built in, so you're better off with a head that emphasizes tone... cause the attack it alsready there.

        Now, this isn't to say that the StarClassic wouldn't rock your world (cause I've played those too). I'm just sayin the rockstars were more than entry level cardboared boxes.

        \oo/_ _\oo/

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          Multiple bass drums just look soooo good. I think the give the kit great stage presence. On the other hand having a single bass drum makes people think your foot is incredibly fast because they think your playing with a single foot.


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            I found that two bass drums was a huge pain in the a$$, especially if you play out. I used to lug those things around all the time, and trust me, you will get sick of it. True a double peddel will give you a differant feel because of the two beaters hitting the same head, but you will get used to it and it will become second nature.
            And about the drums. Check out DW's, these things are the best. They sound mint, but you will pay for it $$$. But most of all, go to the shop and try stuff out. Find what you like best.

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              Originally posted by Bkat:
              And about the drums. Check out DW's, these things are the best. They sound mint, but you will pay for it $$$. But most of all, go to the shop and try stuff out. Find what you like best.

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              I love DW. I just wanted to say that before I said this: Make sure you are getting a quality kit if you buy them. They've been slipping a little in the last year. That being said, there are a number of small, custom outlets who make AMAZING drums that you might want to check out.

              Go play them all... buy what you like.

              \oo/_ _\oo/

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                Well, my last two kits both had two bass drums. I said I will never have two bass drums again. First of all it's a pain in the rear to carry both of them and a pain to try and keep both of them tuned together. With the advancement of double pedals today, I don't see a reason to have two bass drums anymore. I agree it looks cool. But if it were me, I would stick with a double pedal.

                As far as what kind of set to get, I am a Tama fan. I just sold my 9pc double bass Tama Granstar II. 100% birch and the hardware was awesome. If I were buying a new set today I'd go with a Star Classic Performer (100% birch). I like the way the birch shells sound over the maple shells.

                Good luck in your decision!!


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                  After all the info I think I will go with a 7 piece with a 2x pedal.

                  I am definetly going to try out the maple and birch sets: Starclassic, and Yamaha custom series.

                  As for lugging them around: I play a huge bass on drumline, so whats 5 mins of carrying one? hehe

                  Thanks again