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Acoustic Triggering

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  • Acoustic Triggering

    im thinking of triggering my acoustic set but i've got some crazy crosstalk action once before when i tried. does anybody know a good way to eliminate or at least reduce crosstalk? also while im on the subject...what about some methods of reducing the drum sound.


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    Jeff, please go to

    I wrote something about triggering, there. Perhaps it's useful.

    To avoid crosstalk you can raise the crosstalk level on the module but this always will affect (decrease) the dynamic range from the e-drums. So be careful with that.

    For reducing the acoustic drum sound you could fill the acoustic shells with a foam or so. Also mesh heads are good to use with ddrum or Trigger Perfect triggers on the metal hoop. Mesh heads have the advantage that they don't make any sound. If you no longer need the acoustic drum sound you can also muffle your acoustic drums. When doing this the number of overtones (and frequencies which come from the drumhead in general) will be reduced as a result of which there will be less false triggers. Succes