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Beware of Hart Magnum Kontrol Screen Heads

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  • Beware of Hart Magnum Kontrol Screen Heads

    I bought a 14" head for a converted floor tom. I tried a Roland acoustic trigger and a ddrum Pro Snare acoustic trigger; both had bad results. The head could only handle single strokes and don't go too fast or you'll get missed hits. Rolls were impossible. Too many strokes would not register and 'Yes' I did fiddle with all the parameters. Initially, it seemed like the Threshold was too high and Sensitivity too low, but adjusting those didn't help.

    On the other hand, when I put the triggers on a 14" Roland head that I bought several years ago for my converted snare - no problem. Triggered great.

    The head is so stretchy. I tighten it down, come back a couple days later and need to tighten it down again. Even after I just tighten it, the triggering is still bad.

    Maybe the Hart Magnum head works better with certain modules. Mine is a Roland TD-8.

    What sucks is that you can't get oversized Roland mesh heads. And the only way to get a 14", is to buy the PCK-1 kit which is the head plus a snare trigger for $99.00.

    I don't want to get black mesh heads from Pintech or whoever b/c it won't match the rest of my kit. Where can I get great, white, oversized mesh heads??

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    Pearl makes mesh heads.. I know nothing about them - other than they exist, and they come in the size you want..

    Here's a link. I found it via google search. Good luck!

    Alesis DM10 & Trigger IO, 5 8" single input DIY shells; 2 18" DIY Bass drums, 1 13" DIY eSnare, PinTech 14" Visulaite Hi-Hats, 2 PinTech 14" choke-able crashes & 18" dual-zone ride; Steven Slate Drums EX. Mounted on Superstrut custom rack.


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      I always suspected there was a limit to how a large mesh head will operate efficiently, the bass drum heads are made of a much thicker black "flyscreen" material than the smaller white ones and work best if you loosen them off slightly, too tight and they double trigger. i have 8", 10" and 12" mesh heads on my kit using wooden shells and they work very well and stay taught, i have a 14" white mesh head (not Roland) on my metal snare which is even tighter, as the metal shell is obviously the most rigid, so i would steer clear of large white mesh heads unless using a metal shell, stick to 10", 12" wooden shells. .

      mesh head suppliers:


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