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Looking for 14" Roland Mesh Head

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  • Looking for 14" Roland Mesh Head

    Where can I buy one? I can't find anything over a 12" anymore.

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    I was searching this as well, and never found a Roland 14" head. If you find it, please let me know too!

    Did you try this though?



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      you can get them here but they're expensive - 59/64 euros!!



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        If anyone is looking for 14" Roland Mesh heads, there are 3 left on ebay for $40 each. US ebay item# 190236047028. I just grabbed 2 in case I ever decide to DIY a snare.
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          Did Roland ever make a 14" drum?
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            I have one on my set. Roland made a snare conversion for a couple of years. It came with a trigger and a 14" roland mesh. They have 3 more left on ebay. Item # 190236047028 Just like Tripp2k mentioned. $40 dollars is a good deal.
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              When I did a search looking for these, the ebay item popped up as did a snare trainer made by Roland that includes a 14" head. The latter can be found at GC. I'm sure I need the snare education that thing provides, but...

              Previously my search yielded availability in Europe at astronomical prices so today's find was a good one.
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                14" roland head

                I called Roland directly, and they helped me find the actual part #. The previous post is correct. Roland makes a snare to electric conversion kit that comes with a rhythm coach, a top mounted snare trigger, and the mesh head. If you call and tell them you just need the mesh head, they will arrange it as such. I think I paid like $48 for it or something, but it works great! V


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                  This same guy posted another 5 of these, item 190238803224. I bought 3. Same price as before. Two left.

                  My first order arrived quick and were still in original packaging...unused.
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                    I'm trying to source some of these, has anyone seen them recently? I'd absolutely love to convert my 14" using a Roland head...


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                      hi rask4p
                      you can order direct from roland they still make them but are expensive.
                      i just ordered 1 back in may and took a few weeks but it is worth it in my opinion.
                      if only they did 16" for my floor tom then i would be very happy.