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Nicko’s New Drum Kit

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    Nico is a character. Great to listen to. He makes me laugh. And a lovely kit, but you would not get that setup into a pub gig would you. Nothing less than Wembley to set that one up.

    Nico for ever guys. Thanks for sharing Mylo


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      Originally posted by gyorpb View Post
      Of course, that is how endorsements work. Although, in this case, it‘ll rather be the other way around.
      Remember the 'Spirit of Lily' kit that Kieth Moon played back in the seventies, made for him by Premier. Not long ago you could buy a Premier replica of that kit for £8K. Well ok, 6 to 8 years ago , and that's four toms and two kicks. I don't know if the hardware was included in that.
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        that was awesome... He's so enthusiastic about his drum and what he does.