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!!! Warning !!! Pearl HA-130 & CA-130

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  • !!! Warning !!! Pearl HA-130 & CA-130

    Never let thiese things touch a wood bass drum hoop

    This was a pristine Gretsch USA Custom hoop before mid-june when I first installed a HA-130 bass drum hi-hat holder.
    On november 2, so 4 1/2 months later, I removed it to see if I could set it up another way and discovered the horror.
    It seems some chemical substance of the "rubber", intended to protect the outside of the hoop, migrated through the lacquer to the wood.
    It can't be cleaned because there is nothing to clean on the outside.
    It looks like the wood has been burned before applying the lacquer.

    This applies to the CA-130 cowbell holder too, they use the same part to attach to the hoop.

    Look at this:
    You do not have permission to view this gallery.
    This gallery has 1 photos.

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    I am amazed that its actually penetrated the lacquer. Is it the same on the inside of the hoop ?


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      Thanks for the heads up on that! I had considered using one for my VAD bass drum, while it is black and may not have shown up that much, it would have pissed me off all the same. I hope you get some resolution from Pearl for the damage! Good Luck!
      The Glass Is Twice As Big As It Needs To Be....


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        aha.. that doesn't look nice.. what you could do? is turn the wood hoop upside down
        (damage down) and add a metal cover like this.. on the new 'bottom' side
        (provided the bottom isn't damaged yet, but back hoop is less visible anyway) or rotate it under a lower bd clamp
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