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Reaper, SD3 or... both

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  • Reaper, SD3 or... both

    Hi there. During these days of staying at home, I pushed my band to start recording some songs. This recording bit was new to me and I had a god with Ableton Live 10 Lite that came with the audio interface I hooked up to the ATV aD5 module with the adrums. I found that editing the signal out sounds is very limited, so I looked into other solutions. SD3 seems to do all what I'd like to move on to. The core library, linked to the midi based tracking and the drumkit interface made me consider purchasing this.

    Then my guitarist/keyboard player suggested the Reaper DAW. He's been using it for years. It offers similar functionality, with only the keyboard as an interface instead of the drums.

    Does anyone have suggestions, experiences to share? I'd love to read them.


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    You need both so you can work on songs together. SD3 can work standalone but better if use as a plugin in reaper for doing recordings
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