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Triggering a bass drum head DIY style

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  • Triggering a bass drum head DIY style


    I have a Pearl kit with mesh heads on snare + toms with a piezo on each running thru an older Yamaha module with the Yamaha plastic cymbals. at the moment I still have the normal head on the bass drum, a piezo on that works fine however its obviously still loud. looking at ways to maybe even DIY mesh head the entire skin, ive seem some dude on ebay do something a little different. however, he used parts from an old kit which I don't have and I don't wanna fork out a good chunk on bits if it wont work/work as expected.

    basically what im thinking, is to get a couple of metal rings like a port hole ring to put in the front of the head in the middle where the beater hits, mesh that and trigger from behind. this way youd have the abilitly to keep the original head tight and not rely on so much mesh.

    any idea what sort of metal plate/ring I could experiment with?!


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    Outside box.

    Don't bother faffing triggering the head - trigger the beater.

    Triggera Bix.

    (or even an Axis kick pedal with the trigger option)
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      A while ago I used a single zone plastic Alesis drum pad for this. I cut a hole in the batter head of my bass drum and sandwiched the bass drum head between the 2 halves of the Alesis pad. It worked really well for a trigger. Just make sure that you only cut the minimum amount of drum head. I cut mine so that the screws for the Alesis pad went through holes in the drum head.