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Acoustic pieces VS pads

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  • Acoustic pieces VS pads

    Hi all,
    since I am a beginner in the edrum world I have a question that can seem stupid to you but I want to understand.
    I saw many edrums that use acoustic pieces with mesh heads (is it correct?) instead of the classic pads.
    Which are the differences? I bought a TD17 KVX a month ago. Can I change the snare, the Tom's and floor tom with acut8c pieces to have much space where to hit the sticks? Can you suggest some, pieces to use instead of the original pads? Can I still use the original Roland stand?
    I hope that my questions are not so stupid.


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    Absolutely. You can convert an acoustic kit to electronic using electronic (Edrum) trigger kits. I supply conversion kits for this kind of thing and there are other companies that sell conversion kits. One of my conversion packs takes just a couple hours to convert your complete acoustic drum kit and also includes clear rim guards for a full kit. You add mesh heads and you are set. Very easy to do, and you gain the real look and feel, real drum sizes, and don't loose any of the performance of a stock Edrum kit. Here is an example of a decent/inexpensive kit that could be converted: Add in maybe $500 for the conversion pack and mesh heads .... and that E kit would cost about $700 to $750 at most. I'm sure others will chime in here .... Many people do a kit conversion and then sell the original drum pads which can cover part or all of the cost of the new acoustic kit conversion. ...... and if you want any more specific info about my stuff just send me a PM.
    I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;) Mega Kit: Pearl Mimic Pro ,2Box modules,drums and cymbals too many to count. VST quality sounds directly from the Mimic and custom sounds loaded into and played directly from the 2Box modules. Visit me anytime at:


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      Thanks so much for your reply.
      I bought a Roland TD17 KVX just one month ago so at the moment I am just taking information about this fantastic world. I am spending most of my time (and money) taking lessons to learn to play the drum.

      I have a few other questions and I will appreciate if you can help me to understand.....So if I understood correctly, I can buy an acoustic kit (even a not so expensive), I change the heads to mesh heads, I add triggers and then I connect them to my TD17 module to play the sounds inside the module, or use the module to trigger Superior Drummer (for example). Is it correct ?
      What about cymbals and the Hi-hat ? Can I still use the original Roland Cymbals and the VH-10 Hi hat ?

      Since I have not so much space at home (but I have the space for the Roland TD17KVX kit), could you suggest an acoustic kit (Tama, Pearl, Yamaha) not so expensive so I can buy it in the future for the acoustic to edrum transformation ?
      What about your transformation kit ? Can I have more info ?

      Thanks so much


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        Hi and welcome. Firstly I suggest you a do a bit of reading on people’s conversions. Do some searching as many people have converted their own kits on this site. As far as getting a kit to convert then look out for a cheap 2nd hand kit. Remember it doesn’t have to sound good as the sounds are coming from your module. Maybe start off getting a snare drum and converting that. The main thing is do some work yourself researching as all the answers are already on this site for doing kit conversions.
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