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Dream cymbals

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  • Dream cymbals

    Hi folks

    After much listening to many sound clips of different brands of cymbals online, I've decided to purchase a set of Dream cymbals from the Contact series. These are b23 alloy, handhammered cast cymbals.

    Santa has already picked up an 18" crash ride and a 12" splash. Hopefully I will pick up a 20" ride after chrimbo.

    These cymbals sound lovely and I'm sure this series will suit the music I play. I am all too aware of buying Cymbals without hearing them but I couldn't resist!

    Has anyone had any experience of Dream cymbals? Any thoughts?


  • #2
    Can't say I have seen them but I will look at NAMM this year to see if they're there!
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      Kenny. These dream cymbals are obviously for an acoustic kit? You are not triggering them. Right?


      • #4
        Hi hemi,

        They they are for my acoustic kit. Definitely not triggering them ever. They are far too good to be triggered lol


        • #5
          Yeah that is what I thought! Would love an acoustic kit again, but unfortunately, my livimg sitch won't allow it


          • #6
            Living stitch, Hemi?


            • #7
              Situation, second floor condo, with PIA neighbor


              • #8
                Ah, I see Hemi! Good luck with your PIA neighbour! I've got a two yr old who screams when I play the drums so I stick with my edrums. However I'm building my akit back up again for future band rehearsals and gigs (I hope)


                • #9
                  Maybe the litttle guy is is trying to cheer you on Kenny, lol. God bless you lil man!


                  • #10
                    I have one Dream china. Excellent cymbal and I got it very affordable.
                    The other cymbals I have are all Istanbul's - both Agop and Mehmet ...
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                    • #11
                      I've got a Wuhan 14" China ive had for years. I believe they are made in the same factory as Dreams.


                      • #12
                        I have some Dream Contact and Bliss stuff and they are great cymbals for the money. I love my 14" Bliss hats.


                        • #13
                          Since my initial post in this thread I've bought an 8" splash and a 20" Contact ride. I've not played them much at all but they sounds really nice. A bargain!