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  • ION Evolution

    I picked up the ION Drum Rocker to play Rock Band 2 which was my first introduction to Electronic Drums. Right away, GAS caught on. I immediately purchased a Pintech TC-14 as a 3rd cymbal to use as a HiHat and a proper throne.

    Soon after, I replaced the stock ION cymbals with Pintech TC-14s and picked up 2 TC-10s for HiHat open and closed. Then replaced the stock pedal with a Roland KD-8 with a Pearl P900 pedal.

    GAS still kept going and soon after I replaced the ION brain with an Alesis DM5. I was now able to use the pads as a true electronic drum set. I no longer needed to use it with the game and could play drums with the speakers attached to the DM5.

    However, the DM5 was lacking in features to me. I soon replaced it with a Roland TD-9 and then picked up the FD-8 for HiHat. This was really good for playing Rock Band 2.

    That was actually how it stayed for several months. Then The Beatles: Rock Band was released. After playing through the game, I got GAS once more. I replaced the stock ION rack with an MDS-9 and picked up a PDX-8.

    Well, within a week of picking up the PDX-8, I ventured to the Classifieds section in this forum and got majorly tempted. I ended up getting a PD-105 for snare and 3xPD-85s for toms. I ended up using the PDX-8 as a 4th tom.

    This is the Guitar Hero World Tour drum unit with a Midi input for e-drums which lets me use the kit for Rock Band and other games.

    And the TD-9 setup for Rock Band using VExpressions Hodge Podge kit.

    I have actually replaced the HiHat with a CY-12H and have 3 CY-12R/Cs coming to replace the other cymbals. It should arrive early next week and will definitely take some pictures to update.

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    Awesome!!! I love seeing GAS in full effect!!! Love it
    Looking for an Affordable Vdrum Set


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      hmmm, some good GAS there - but you could've just bought a TD9KX(SX) in the first place....
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        WOW. How much did you spend on all the revisions?

        Probably could have bought TWO td-9s by now....
        *TDW-20* KD-8 w/Iron Cobra single, PD-125, PD-80R, VH-11, PD-8(X3), CY-12R/C, CY-8(X2), older MDS-6 rack with additional lower crossbar for support, Roc 'n' Soc Nitro, ATH-M50 and MDR-7506

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          I didn't really spend that much. Got everything used at a good deal. The Roland Kits in Canada are way too overpriced. It's much cheaper in the US. Which is why I order everything from US.

          Another main reason for not getting a Roland Kit right away is the wife factor.


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            Frankenstein's drumkit. It just.........kept.............(whispered while crying)..growing. Nice kit.
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              That's awesome man.

              Ofcoarse one day soon you will be standing there looking at your kit and just out of curiosity see what that PD-105 looks like as a tom. Whooops! It's GAS time again!!


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                Haha, yup 3 CY12's coming from me just shipped out yesterday, you'll have them by Friday. More pics please!

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                  Great evolution!

                  My kit went through stages as well, but I think It's finally stopped changing for now. (Not because I ran out of GAS, but because I ran out of CASH)

                  Oh and do yourself a favor and don't look into diamond electronic drums. It'll give you the biggest GAS attack of your life.
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                    GAS GAS GAS don't ya love it.
                    Hehe cool I love watching the gas effect in motion.
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                      Originally posted by AdamCooney View Post
                      Haha, yup 3 CY12's coming from me just shipped out yesterday, you'll have them by Friday. More pics please!

                      Nice! Can't wait to get those 3.

                      I think after the cymbals I should be done for a while. I need to work on my drumming next.

                      This is actually not the worst case of GAS that I have. That's reserved for my Photography Hobby. This doesn't even come close to that.


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                        You're filling up that MDS-9 rack pretty quickly!!
                        More hardware than skill!!

                        GAS has taken over!! MY KIT
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                          How long did this take?

                          At this rate, your kit will gain self-consciousness by... 2011...
                          My compact kit.

                          "Praise Him with PD-125 on TD-10exp... praise Him with the clash of CY-8, praise Him with resounding CY-15R." Psalm 150


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                            Dude , with GAS that bad you better see a doctor , i don't think you're going to survive.



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                              I think we need to see you play it.
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