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  • KISS - Keep It Simple Sucker

    I don't post alot of stuff but I do read a bunch!! You guys have given me a great insight into alot of my electronic drum experience.
    With that said. . I gig out with my TD20X module with Roland CY15, 14 's x5 VH12. I do however have a North drum set that I converted to electronic. Which, by the way, I absoultly LOVE. It's not only cool looking, but it's really cool looking. Anyway, I play smaller clubs Our band runs completly direct, meaning no stage sound (except the singers lungs!!). So we only play bars that have the appropriate PA's. These are not huge bars but usually can hold up to 200 peeps. The FOH guys are still freaked on electronics, let alone a band that goes completly direct. NO stage sound, freaks sound guys out! Point blank. They say they know what to do, but they don't. Think of it. The band before us (yes, it's usually a 4 band night) has acoustic drums, guitar amps, bass amps, they have stage volume! We don't. So, long story even longer, I used to send the FOH individual outs, like all 8. They don't know what the, (I have listened to zooms of them) is going on. For one, the don't have any stage sound, so all there original settings that they are used to are jacked. They have to go off of their system. Which is usually set up for what they are used to.
    What I have found is my answer, is simplicity. I create my drum sets from Vex kits, balance them as well as I can in our rehearsal studio. Then I send our beloved sound man (as long as he doesn't send me 48v's phantom) a somple 2 line direct out. It has ALL my effects I want, they can't mess with 'em. As ling as my kit is balanced, it seems to be working well.
    Anyways, Keep ON Rockin'
    Curtis in Denver
    Currently: North drums converted, TDW20, CY14 X 5 and 1 -15 cymbals. PD125BX for snare, KD120 inside 22" bass drum. Vex kits, SPD-S. Superior Drummer 2, Metal Foundry
    Band - INOTIO - (In-audio) stands for It's Not Over 'Till It's Over,

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    yep that what i do! a lot easier! i just ask the sound guy what he needs more or less of such as snare and kick and i give it to em. nice kit btw.
    sigpicRoland TD 30 module, TDW 20 BK, VH13 hi-hats, custom Gibraltar rack, V expressions, Iron cobra power glide double pedal, Cobra clutch, Iron cobra lever glide hi hat, Kit-toys, KC 500, BBE 482, Roc-N-Soc nitro. , Promark, pearl throne thumper.
    Red DIY church - road kit with red sessions rack, vh12 hi hats, yamaha and kit-toys cymbals, DW T5000 hi hat, BBE 262,
    butt kicker


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      You are approaching stage-sound things in absolutely the right way, Sitruc99. ...and I'm amazed time and time again 'bout your stunning North conversion!
      Beautifully vintage!
      Greetings from Switzerland,
      - Dänoh

      "My best friends' name is J-SON. They used to call him 'Mr. Parse.' He has an 'Error'..!"


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        Awesome! Direct is the way to go. Kudos! So you are using IEMs though right? If so what brand?

        ...and yes...the North Drums are WAY cool.
        8 piece DIY Acrylic, 2x2Box DrumIt5, Gen16 4xDCP, Acrylic&Gen16 Conversions, Sleishman Twin-QuadSteele hybrid , Gibraltar&DrumFrame rack, DW9502LB, Midi Knights Pro Lighting


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          Then I send our beloved sound man (as long as he doesn't send me 48v's phantom)....

          It certainly is a whole different world to mix live with no stage volume, especially for sound men that are used to just making sure the vocals are audible above the rest of the noise.


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            Yess sir I do the same with my band too. we all go direct. we have our own PA we drag around a small one but a good one.
            For iems I use Shure SCL5's and I run my Yamaha DTX setup thrugh a X1204FX mixer running stereo lines to the board.
            See this thread for my kits
            At one gig during the break while the DJ was playing tunes, we rehearsed a tune on stage and not a sound was heard. Love doing it this way.


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              I like the multiple outs better then the stereo pair. I found if you tell the sound guy this is the kick..this is the snare...etc. they get it and it will work fine. You may not need all 8 outs but whatever the front can take I like to give. I found that splitting the toms helps a lot (hi toms / low toms) so the front can EQ them differently to get the best sound.

              I also use the Shure SCL5's and love them.

              I am starting to get the play in a band bug again and I want to go the direct out route also.
              Ted H.


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                My band's drummer goes direct as well (TD-9 player). He does have a small monitor by him, but that's it for drum stage sound.
                TD-12; TD-6V; FD-8; Hart Pro Toms, Snare, Bass; ECII hihat, crashes, splash & ride; Smartrigger crashes & china; Hart Hammer Pad; Pintech Dingbat; Iron Cobra double-bass.

                "I never play the same thing twice...sometimes because I simply can't remember it." - John Paul Jones


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                  Same for me, I use a small wedge monitor at rehearsal, and at gigs, then let the PA do the real work
                  E-Kit TD9s+CY15r,Yamaha PCY135, Custom Diamond 12 x 4 Snare in White Oyster Ripple, 2 x 8" Custom Diamond Toms, Roland SPDs, Ahead 5ab Hybrid Studio Sticks Pearl P2000c 'Eliminator' Single Pedal Pearl D1000c throne Vex Packs HodgePodge, Acustix, Masters50, Expressions & Toolbox. Wharfedale EVP-X15PM


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                    Thanks for the kudo's. I get to typing after a gig and I forget (yeah right) what post I've done. Just got promoted and have been so busy it's crazy!!. We are playing a gig at the Oriental Theater on tuesday. I will try to get you some pics and updated information on how it goes.
                    You guys ROCK on this site. Without all of this info, I would have never been able to build what I have built.
                    Currently: North drums converted, TDW20, CY14 X 5 and 1 -15 cymbals. PD125BX for snare, KD120 inside 22" bass drum. Vex kits, SPD-S. Superior Drummer 2, Metal Foundry
                    Band - INOTIO - (In-audio) stands for It's Not Over 'Till It's Over,