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  • Audio interface sync

    I was doing some recordings using Garageband and the line in, but noticed some problems with (i assume) latency causing poor sound quality and a weird echo, so I hooked up an audio interface my son had. It's a Yamaha Audiogram 6, with a USB output to the computer.

    Initially, I was very impressed with the sound quality and excited to begin recording with it. Since then, I've noticed some weirdness when I record. In short, it's speeding up the recording when it records in Garageband. Here's my process:

    -I run the two 1/4" (left and right) outputs from the TD-9 module to the Audiogram 6
    -I set the interface to stereo, balance the inputs and run USB out to the Macbook Pro
    -I set Garageband preferences to input source 'USB interface (stereo)' and output source 'system setting'
    -Garageband has guitar and bass tracks loaded in. I run headphone out of my Macbook Pro to the line in on the TD-9 brain

    -I use 'quick record' on the TD-9 and record the take, playing along with the guitar tracks
    -When I finish the take, I play the section again in Garageband, pressing 'quick play' on the TD-9 to verify it was a good take
    -Once I'm happy with the recording, I unplug the headphone out from the Mac so that the backing tracks aren't being fed back in, then I start recording in garageband and again hi quick play on the TD-9 brain.

    75% of the time, the recorded track plays faster than it's playing out of the TD-9, gaining perhaps 2 beats over 4 measures (at 96bpm) ... it's very noticeable. If I delete the track and record it again with the same method, sometimes it will record at the correct speed.

    Any ideas? I recorded 6 takes last night that I had to throw away today, and this is in addition to the 2 or 3 I caught and corrected last night.
    Roland TD-9

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    Well I scoured the Internets for any insight on this issue. The best I could find was on Yamaha's site, they say the driver doesn't work with 64-bit Mac OS and suggested to boot into 32-bit mode to use this hardware. I tried that and had pretty much the same issues as before.

    I finished my recording project by recording in small chunks, checking to see if the track was sped up, deleting and re-recording. Usually on the 2nd try, 3rd try at most it would record at the right speed. Thankfully I recorded to the TD-9 'quick record' first or this would have been far too frustrating to bear. For my next project, I'm going to borrow a different interface and see if I can nail it down to the interface vs the mac or garageband software.
    Roland TD-9