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Roland TD8: Help needed!

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  • Roland TD8: Help needed!

    Hi there,

    I have aqiured a Roland TD8 kit, about 4 months ago from ebay, and I noticed that when I hit the drums, the sound that came out was pretty much all one level. (e.g - I hit the snare hard, 100% sound level comes out, I hit the snare soft, 100% sound level also comes out.) It's only when I hit the snare really lightly that the sound coming out is different and quieter. The problem is that when doing fills, it sounds crap.
    Is there any way I can go into the settings on the Module (which is a TD8 too) and somehow change this, I'm not at all knowledgeable when it comes to electronic drums, haha.
    Another suggestion, would I need to buy new pads? I currently have PD-80r for the snare..


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    When you first get a used module it's often worth doing a factory reset to eliminate any strange settings used deliberately or otherwise by the previous owner.
    If you did that at SETUP, F3, F3, F3, F3 you would be OK for the snare as it will default to the correct trigger type for a PD-80R, but you'd need to check others.

    If you don't want to do a complete factory reset, I think you should change the trigger type for input 3 to another pad then back to the correct 8RA at SETUP, TRIG. That will reset all trigger parameters for the snare to their default settings for your pad.

    (Did the previous owner use all the same pads? If not, you may have other changes to make.)

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      Yeah, I was thinking about doing that, not sure why I didn't reset it actually! And thanks, great help.. I'll reset it soon as possible.