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Open Handed + Tom Setup

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  • Open Handed + Tom Setup

    For those out there that use this technique how do you set up your toms? I guess what I mean specifically is how do you have you toms arranged for voicing hi to low?

    do you do it like this?

    Or do you do it like this?

    Or is it some other configuration?
    (here is the program I used:
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    I voice mine from the center out like your 1st pic except I start with tom 1 on the right side.

    The next part is just info on my kit...don't let it confuse you while setting up yours.

    However I have enough toms so that all my toms set up chromatically from the center out also....highest voice in the center to lowest voice on the far outsides. All the toms on the left side are basically a half step(to a step) lower than all the respective toms on my right. Same from the top row to the bottom row. The top rows are higher voiced than the lower row on the perspective sides and the cascade to lower tones from top to bottom and center out on both sides.

    This allows me to play a variety of styles and patterns. I can play a left handed setup....right handed setup....symmetrical setup.

    Hehehehehe...sounds much more complicated than it is. I only set things up this way because I have not had the cash to get a good sampler. Most of the top rows were built to trigger samples and backing tracks rather than actual kit sounds. I just thought the array of toms would look cooler than some rubber trigger pad like a SPD-SX or SPD-30.
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      i sometimes play open handed using the exact same setup with the hats to the left of the snare. from time to time i switch one of the 2 right floor toms to the left next to the hats , gives a different aprouch on fills but i loose the domino effect


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        Lately I've been setting up like pic 1 but for a long time I did some different from both: high pitches to the left, lower to the right, and the highest pitches toward the front. So if you played clockwise from the left rear my six toms came out as 3 2 1 4 5 6. (now it's 5 3 1 2 4 6, and I think of it as two complete sets of toms, the left somewhat higher than the right).
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