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Roland TD-3 vs TD-4

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  • Roland TD-3 vs TD-4

    I know the The TD-4 replaced the TD-3. but what is the big difference between them? I see the 4 has a mesh snare and hi hat symbol instead of pad. Is that all the differance? or is the TD-4 module have a bunch of new stuff to it also???

    Reason I ask is because, Im wondering if it is worth paying a bit more to get a TD-4.

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    The TD-4 sound library is a generation newer than the TD-3.

    Whether or not you find the sound library a generation better is, well, in the ear of the beholder.

    Search in here under:


    and get some user feedback on it. I know that one of the mods, Jman, liked what he heard when it first came out.
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      the td4 can also use a three zone ride, if you give up a crash for it.
      the td4 can use the vh-11 hihat and in general has a more sensitive flexible hihat.
      the rhythm coach is tweaked and improved on the td4.

      the hihat cymbal isnt mesh, but is the pretty good cy5.
      the frame is also improved, esp if you like centre mounted modules.

      quite an improvement in sounds, too, I think.
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        I bought the TD-3 Module a month before the 4 came out. I like it just fine but if given the opertunity to do it a again, I would get the 4. Mainly for the VH-11 support. Oh, the 4 does not have a "MIDI in", but that is really not a factor as far as I'm concerned. The general concensus is that the mesh pads are better than rubber also.
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          Check out the sounds of both kits here:



          Kit started out as a TD-4 in August... But I have some GAS issues
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            Yes, if you can spare the extra cash, it's worth it for sure. From everything I've seen the 4 is much nicer in terms of features, has the tuning/muff, better HH(important!), and even slightly nicer coach methods.
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