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What's The Best Glue/Epoxy For Rubber & Plastic?

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  • What's The Best Glue/Epoxy For Rubber & Plastic?

    As you can see in the photo one of my Yamaha PCY 130 cymbals needs to be glued. The rubber that overlaps the bow of the cymbals edge came loose and needs to be glued back down to the plastic of the cymbal. What is the best glue or epoxy to use for Rubber and Plastic? Thanks for any info or suggestions..
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    Im no expert, but as far as I know are, what we in Dutch call, "contact" glues best in situations where the materials behave differently and a certain amount of flexibility is needed. These are the glues you apply to both surfaces, let dry and then press together.
    Also epoxy, to me, seems fine for the plastic part but a bit to agressive on the rubber parts.
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      Get some "Gorilla Glue" or similar at a local hardware/grocery store. That stuff will bond anything to anything. It needs to set, clamped, overnight but it would work better than anything I know of. Follow the directions and don't use too much as it expands some when it dries. Clean up any excess with a damp cloth before it dries ...or else.
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        Amazing GOOP

        You can get this at most hardware stores.

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          Contact cement .... or Goop .... as mentioned above.
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