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Anyone here use Bose L1 Model 2 with their band as PA system and Vdrums?

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  • Anyone here use Bose L1 Model 2 with their band as PA system and Vdrums?

    my family band, me playing vdrums, my oldest bro play guitar, next brother player keyboards and another brother play bass. we've been playing for local show for 20 years now. getting old and dont want to carry PA equipments around from show to show. so we're looking at Bose L1. Currently we have JBL MX500 2 speakers and 2 subs, and 5 Carver 12"-15" speakers for monitors, the whole rack of effects and Mackie 16 channel mixer, 4 QSC poweramp. Just wonđer if we can use the current Mackie mixer and effects with the new Bose L1 ? How many L1 and B1 should we need to play for show between 200-700 people? Do 3 L1 enough? Could we keep the JBL sub and use with the Bose L1 so we could get punchy power? Please help. THanks.

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    YES! UTFSE and There is a member here who gigs with this set up regularly...although I can't remember who.....he has posted about it several times.

    Use this engine....
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      A better question is the size of the venue rather than number of people. Indoors or out? Here's a helpful video from YouTube that might capture exactly what you're trying to do:

      My dad was an Arlington County cop for 30+ years. How's the live, local-act, music scene? I was back in January to catch Pat McGee at the Birchmere for two shows.
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        thanks Grog, we play mostly indoor at restaurant and/or ballroom in hotel.


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          I work with a DJ at some weddings that uses the double bass system you guys are talking about. It is phenomena and amazes me every time I hear it. I am talking with someone right now about gigging again, so one of my considerations is this system. I would not hesitate a moment to make the purchase. (not cheap though) The system is extremely powerful and sounds amazing. That said, depending on the type of band, music, and power demand, you may need two systems. There are several videos on YT where a couple of bands use this system. In some cases, they use multiple. if I were to go this route, I would have two systems; one for drums & vocals, one for guitars & keys. Bass is usually powerful enough to run from the stage. I'm talking typical gigging, of course... nothing too large.
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            Alan, do you have the YT link ? please. thanks.


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              No, you'll have to search. It's been a month or two since I did some research. All I know is the system and the videos impressed the hell out of me. The price is the biggest factor. If I had a small thing that one system could suffice, I'd do it in a heart beat, but with a full-fledged band setup, two systems ain't exactly cheap. LOL
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                By the way, this is what I've been talking about getting... TWO of these...


                ...but I realize some smaller groups could go with one, depending on the song genre.

                This is what the DJ I know uses. It's phenomenal.
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                  you mean two orders for the total of 4 L1 model 1 and 4 B1 bass modules? thanks.


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                    We use 4 of the early versions with 4 subs for live recording in the studio -- 6 & 6 subs for larger venues ..........Bose actually had a weekend party at the studio > some years back. I really like the individual control for each member & plenty of I/O for FOH -- the low synth sounds really love the subs power & reproduction ~!Some links to studio Even Steve Miller had to stop in
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                      Model 1 was just hitting the market when the boys from East demo'd the setup>> the feedback control was what first caught my interest.

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                        I have been using 2 Bose mkII's with 4 B1's for 18 months.

                        Its a fantastic sound.

                        Nothing i have used as far as portable P.A. goes, is as sweet sounding.

                        I play a lot of world music with tabla, but i also play in a wedding band, with my TDW-20. The kit sounds great through this system.

                        A lot of clarity.

                        If you want a fat bass drum sound you want atleast 4 B1's, for up to 200 people, but 8 would be better.

                        If thats too much money, then you could augment the bottom end with a powered mixer.

                        The bass coming out of the B1's is really top notch. At home i use Byerdynamic DT770 headphones that make the TDW20 sound very big and clear. The bass drums are huge. The 4 B1's at low to medium levels give this huge bass drum sound.
                        I'd really love to hear 8 of them, like some DJ's use. The bass would be something else. They are rated down to 40hz and i can confirm that they go that low. Very very deep bass, but also very very tight and accurate bass.
                        Just what you want for fast 16th and 32nd bass drum notes. Thats due to the B1 drivers which are 6.5 inches in diameter. Smaller means faster.

                        The mid's and highs are the best i have heard.

                        And thats the opinion of 90% of all the musicians that i play with, who have played with me live over the last 18 months.

                        How you set up 2 L1's is a matter of opinion, and there are many ways to do so.

                        If you have the money, and you want amazing clarity and a good live experience where you hear yourself and your collegues all the time, then go for it.


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                          so you're using 2 L1 Model 2 and 4 B1 just for your vdrums or the whole band? thanks.


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                            IMO, I'd rent the Bose system first and try it out. Everything about the Bose sounds very different than the conventional system you've been using. And from my limited experience with the L1's/B1's, they do sound great but 2 B1's was nowhere near enough on the bottom end for e-drums and the Bass guitar. We typically have very little to no live stage volume and ended up bringing things up on the backline and backing things off on the Bose so the B1's didn't self destruct. Depends what kind of music I guess. Luckily we had our conventional bins with us for some more reinforcement. Glad I rented first.


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                              Originally posted by tivi View Post
                              so you're using 2 L1 Model 2 and 4 B1 just for your vdrums or the whole band? thanks.
                              The whole band.

                              The leader of the band is tempted to buy his own L1, or L1 compact. That would be a step in the L1 tradtional set-up direction of 1 L1 per musician.

                              Never had that unfortunately.

                              The rms of an L1 is 500watts. But these figures are a bit mis-leading.

                              The L1 disperses sound in a much more wide and even field than a 1 tweeter/1 woofer speaker.
                              You don't get a hot-spot of volume in-front of the tweeter and then a dead zone to the side. Every where gets a nice spread of music.

                              If you want to play your vdrums to 300-700 people you will need 4 to 6 B1's yourself. My 4 B1's is good for up-to 250 people as i have them 2 X 2 , 2 on each L1.

                              I'd recommend that your band has 4 L1mkII's.

                              One for each of you.

                              On your L1, you would want 4 B1's stacked on top of each other you will get more bass than i do with 2 X 2. I forget the dB increase, might be 6dB.

                              You bro that plays bass, he'll want 4 B1's.

                              You power the other B1's with Bose's A1 digital amp, tiny little thing and go out of the sub-out. By doing this apparently it lowers the load on the 2 B1's powered by the L1, therefore the mids and highs get more headroom, therefore more overall volume.

                              Guitar and key's 1 to 2 B1's each.

                              Now that would be a total of 10 to 14 B1's. Plenty of punch.

                              You cannot overload the L1 system. It has a limiter that crushes peaks. The music starts to sound compressed, but you can't blow these things up, good thing with their price in mind.

                              BEST POINT YET.

                              The heaviest component of the L1 system is the B1.


                              It is such a joy to set up this system. Its so elegant and very easy to move.

                              If you get the system i suggest above, ( each person with there own T1 digital mixer which is powered by the L1 powerstand. Its a great mixer, and each person can create their own sound, and you can create presets, which i use for even faster set-up time ) you will have an awesome PA with headroom to cope with 700 people.
                              Can't praise it enough