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Check the status of your Roland rebate

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  • Check the status of your Roland rebate

    I called Roland today to check on the status of the free cymbals rebate, which is open until the end of this year on new TD-9KX purchases. I mailed everything at the beginning of December, but they didn't have my name in their records, hadn't seen the UPC code that I mailed, and couldn't find my online registration. I get the impression that they're buried under a pile of these rebates, but I was a bit worried that they couldn't see my account online. I did take photos of my UPC code and serial number, so hopefully that will be enough.

    If you're waiting on any rebates from Roland, I would encourage you to call and check to see if everything is in order before the end of the year.


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    Although I won't discourage anyone from following up on a rebate, I would like to ask for a little patience. With the exception of the GE Finance promotion and several downloads Roland US has listed, the TD-9 cymbal rebate is 1 of 10 promotions Roland US is currently offering.

    Every rebate also includes the statement: Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery, and please understand we are working as quickly as possible to process all of the rebate forms we are receiving.
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      Thanks for your response, and I certainly appreciate that it takes a long time to process these things. My biggest concern was that they didn't have any record of me registering online, which isn't subject to the same processing time as a pile of rebates. I wouldn't be expecting any cymbals until February at the earliest, but the online registration should be instantaneous.



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        I wouldn't be too worried about it, because I was in the same boat as you, having just bought a TD9SX. After about a month of waiting I called them to get an update and they said it would be at least 6 weeks before they even entered the rebate info into their system for processing. Then, literally three days later the box was delivered to my doorstep. So there may just be a disconnect on their side on communication but it worked out.
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          I was very surprised to receive my extra cymbals yesterday, months earlier than I expected. Sounds exactly like your story, Animal. While I was a little anxious about the status, Roland was clearly on top of it long before I called. I now officially have more cymbals than pads, which is exactly how I like it. Thanks, Roland!