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Bose L1 Line Array systems used wth Vdrums

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  • Bose L1 Line Array systems used wth Vdrums


    I am sure many of you have heard about the breakthrough stage PA systems available from Bose. These are the L1 Model 1 and II Line Array towers with the Bass modules. Just one of these , with all instruments and voices mixed in (with the included Mixer ) can fill a medium sized venue with 360 degree sound that is about as good as it gets.

    Saying that, I am a V-drummer looking for a new amplification model and I was wondering if any of you have tried this unit on stage. I have had it demo'd to me (without Vdrum input), and was impressed beyond belief.

    Nothing is better than first-hand info, so looking for some people here who have tried it, and/or any suggestions you may have from your experience.



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    bose personal amp system

    The Best V-Drum Monitor/PA system: The Bose L1

    Lightweight V-drum Monitor

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      Thanks BarT, that is exactly the kind of feedback links I need.


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        The spkrs are cool but I am in awe of that TrapKAT thingy or whatever it is. It looks like a blast to play!

        sorry to butt in but that thing is FAR OUT!
        ok, saw the price, I'm over it!
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          Some time ago i compared these and the B 52 Matrix 1000 side by side at Guitar center for a good hour going back and forth between the two and the Matrix sounded so much better and considerably cheaper!
          Anything..... Bose over priced imo.
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            Hi CharlyV,

            I happen to use an Classic L1 w/ 2 B1s as my on stage monitor for Roland e-drums. Bought mine used from a friend for a discount. I have to say, that a line array (as an on-stage monitor) is pretty awesome. I place it to abit to the side or me and abit behind me - angled such that other band members are within its wide (150 deg?) dispersion radius. What is really cool about that is the stage gets flooded with a crystal clear sound field that creates an illusion that the sounds are emanating from the drum set - just like an acoustic set would. The clarity of drum sounds on stage are so good, it is almost like listening with headphones (if others are not playing at same time). I think it is the best drum monitor for this reason. As an on stage monitor, I am only using a fraction of the 750 watts of power that it is capable of - so it is pretty much just idling. We have used it as a PA system for smaller pubs and set it up for dispersion across the room - worked great. Vertical line arrays, beat the the "Box on a stick" PA systems hands down in terms of clarity and dispersion, as well as creating a sound field that is more uniform from front to back of room. The only issue when using it as a PA system, it that you need about 6ft of room behind you because the typical way of using them is to place the behind you and then they serve as both an on stage monitoring system and a FOH system, eliminating the age old problem is the stage mix (that you hear) being totally different than the FOH mix (that you never here). With the L1 you are hearing approximately the same sound mix as the audience - making everything so much simpler. But right now, I am just using it as a drum monitor such that other band members feel like there is a real acoustic drum set on stage which they (and I) love. Hope that answers your question. Thats my real world experience with them - of you have any other questions - fire away...



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              Most comparisons between the Bose line array family of speakers and conventional systems are not particularly meaningful without context and application. If you are part of a traveling act with a sound crew AND you tend to play large venues AND are trying to pry apart a venue's structural members with bass frequencies, then the Bose might not work for you.

              If, however, you play in a local or regional band, that performs in small to medium-sized venues, vocal intelligibility is important, and you have to be somewhat cognizant of volume, then the Bose deserve consideration.

              What is missed in the "cost" argument is that the system serves as both FOH speakers and stage monitors. Plus, depending upon how many are employed, there is no need for a mixer. So, when you tally up the cost of a good quality mixer (like an Allen & Heath desk) and pro grade speakers (EAW or comparable) and good quality amps, the cost begins to make sense.