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pd105 vs pdx8

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  • pd105 vs pdx8

    Does anyone know if the pd105 triggers much better than a pdx-8? I have a td4.


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    I don't know, but since no one has responded, I'll just say that I imagine they trigger pretty much the same. I have PD-85s, a PD-125, and I've played PD-105's at stores. None seem to have any particular triggering issues for me, at least head-wise (the rim of the PD-85 when I used to use one for my snare, was frustrating to trigger, though [inconsistent, it seemed to me]). As the PDX-8 was specifically designed as a snare pad (and even more specifically, to be better than a PD-85 as a snare pad, especially in terms of having the rim in a better position for triggering with crossstick and such) I would imagine it triggers quite well. BUT, I've never tried the pad myself. Hopefully someone who has can give you some real help!


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      I played around with a pdx 8, with an eye to replacing my pd 85 snare with it...didnt like it at all, and decided to try and save for a 105.....
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        I too had a pdx-8 which I used with my trigger io and it would easily set off the rim trigger if I hit the head to hard, could be related to the trigger io but I had to set high threshold and cross talk levels to sort it out. Didn't like this pad so I diyed a 12" sonor force 3007 instead with a roland cone and mesh head c/w stand for damn near the same price. MUCH NICER
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          My PDX-8 works just fine. I have no issues at all.

          Keep in mind, it doesn't support positional sensing. The trigger isn't centered as it is on the PD-105 and others. But, you don't get the "hot spot" problems, either!
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            So the PDX-8 was designed to be a snare?!
            Hmm... I was thinking about getting a PD-105 but I agree the PDX-8 would feel weird as a tom O_O


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              Originally posted by Peter W View Post
              Does anyone know if the pd105 triggers much better than a pdx-8? I have a td4.

              I originally had a PDX8 as snare when I first got my kit and the first thing I did was buy a PD105 to replace it. I'm not sure what sort of triggering difference you'll see on your TD4 but on the 12 / 20, the PD105 is significantly better.
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                Thank you,I suspected that the pdx8 wasn't great. I am triggering Steven Slate drums software at the moment,and wanted to see if this would improve the snare response. It is working OK right now.

                SSD is worth checking out if you want fat sounds. I like it better than Superior,and it is intended to sound more processed. I do really like the Superior engine,I just wish they would make different sounds. All their sounds have a similar character to my ears except custom and vintage. Kontakt is releasing an update which should have their engine working as well as Superior 2.

                The website has around 40 videos of their kits being played on a v drum kit.