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Question about Audio/MIDI Hardware

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  • Question about Audio/MIDI Hardware

    Planning to buy these Audio/MIDI Hardware

    can I use this on my PC with E-drums?
    or only for guitar?

    My drum module is Alesis DM6
    Software: Cubase 5, Addictive drums

    Thanks in Advance Folks.

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    I believe not - at least, not in the sense you're probably thinking.
    While you could run audio out of the Alesis module and record it into your DAW, you won't be able to use MIDI with this interface - you need one that also has MIDI I/O.
    Interfaces higher up in their range (and therefore more expensive) will also function as a MIDI interface, so Id' suggest looking at one of those, or buying a cheap (but worthwhile) MIDI interface to use as well as the audio interface you've linked to.

    The C400 looks new, and pretty damn nice!

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      Another suggestion would be the Presonus Audiobox 22 VSL.

      You'll find a thread about it Here:

      Greetings from Switzerland,
      - Dänoh

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        What Tazed said... You need a USB/MIDI interface if you want to trigger sounds from your kit.

        I use a Lexicon Lambda that I bought used for $75, and it works great with no noticeable latency on an Win 7 Intel i7 PC or MacBook Pro from 2009. I've also recorded some direct audio with it, and it sounds great. Drivers were a little finicky when Windows 7 first came out, but they were problem free after a few updates.

        The guy I bought it from replaced it with a higher end Lexicon, and he had nothing but problems with it (most of which were common for other users apparently). He ended up getting a MOTU instead. The lesson we learned is that before you buy a MIDI interface research, research, and research... Do a lot of googling for whatever interface you're interested in before you buy to see if there is a common thread with hardware or software issues, and don't assume that just because one interface by a certain brand is solid will mean they all will be.