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TD-12 + Superior Drummer 2.0

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  • TD-12 + Superior Drummer 2.0

    Hi! I need your help. I have 2 quiestions:
    1) How to make s2.0 sounds louder? Then i clicking on a drum in cubase it's sounds good, but then i start playing on my td12... It's very quiet. WTF?
    2) Anyone have a roland td-12 drum map for cubase?
    Best wishes.

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    Does anybody know something?!


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      I wanna know the answer of the first question too... I have the same issue with a TD-20 module, Logic and Toontrack Solo

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        Have you increased the individual kit piece volume in SD2.0 or increased the volume for each piece in the mixer page ?
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          I second that. Because when you 'click' a piece in the kit, it plays it at it's maximum volume (127) every single time. So you can't judge it based on that.
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            I'm no expert, but when you WHACK the drums does the sound change? I'd say that the velocity info is not getting sent through.. but I have no idea about Cubase - Sorry!

            The other thing is make sure the Master Bus on the SD2.0 screen is turned up. I think it defaults to -4.4db and I always have to wind it up to about 6.0-9.0db depending on the track I'm overlaying.

            Again, this is for Sonar and SD2.0... So might not apply to Cubase!


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              Originally posted by AdamCooney View Post
              I second that. Because when you 'click' a piece in the kit, it plays it at it's maximum volume (127) every single time. So you can't judge it based on that.
              I third it, I constantly get click the kit piece and scare myself sh$tless because it plays so loud. On the TD-20 it's no where near as loud though. I ended up turning the kit pieces up to max and adjusting the volume on my monitor. Seems like a bug to me though.... The volume should be the same for a hit or a 'click' with the mouse.


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                As Adam states clicking on a kit piece will play back at a MIDI velocity of 127 - the loudest it will go.....Unless you are hitting your pad at a velocity of 127 it will sound quieter....I'm sure there's also the psychological expectation of hitting a drum which is supposed to be loud against clicking a mouse on a gui which is usually not so loud....

                So in summary it's not a bug
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                  One other thing you could check is the output of the MIDI fader in Cubase that's assigned to S2. When I create a new MIDI track in Digital Performer it defaults to an output of 127, but I think some other programs default to 100. If it does that in Cubase, you can raise it, and it should increase the volume of S2.

                  Some mixer presets in S2 are louder than others as well, so you might want to experiment with those.


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                    I haven't been able to play with S2.0 alot but I found that instead of directly "mousing" a drum in the kit window, I select my drum in the interface in the bottom right hand corner and use the pad there. The bottom of the pad reflects softer velosities and will increase as you move up on the pad. This gives me a better reference for the overall sound potential of the drum before I play my ekit.
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                      I ran into this problem a few months back. I made changes, as suggested above, to the individual drums in S2. I believe I made the changes down in the lower right hand pane and then raised the volume of the overall kit using the circular dial in the middle within S2. Mouse clicking, as also suggested above yields maximum velocity and it will indeed peel paint when you least expect it.
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