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How incompatible is the VH-12 with the TD-9?

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  • How incompatible is the VH-12 with the TD-9?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post to this site although I have been using it daily as a reference . You have a great site! I have a TD-9 and want to upgrade my high hats to a VH-12. I know they are not “compatible” and that the VH-11’s are fully compatible. The question is will the VH-12 work but only work like a VH-11. e.g. not have the tight closed sounds. I know I will be upgrading to a TD-20 or TD-30 in a couple of years and since there is only a $100 difference I would rather just pay it now knowing that I would get the benefit down the line. Otherwise I am looking at having to sell the VH-11 and get a new VH-12 when I switch modules.

    I am sure I saw a post like this here before, however I googled it like crazy with no luck.

    Thanks in advance,

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    No, you'd never get near closed because the VH-12 uses a different resistance range which needs a special mode in the module. And it's not too easy to make an adapter: How to adapt the VH-12 Hi-Hat with TD-10 module

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      Thank you that was the exact reply I was looking for. Not what I wanted to hear but what I wanted to know. TD-11 it is, thanks again!